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Top Fundraising Ideas for Your Group

The size of your group has a lot to do with determining your ideal fundraising program. The following are a few suggestions for programs by group size.

Keep in mind that this is only a general reference. If you’re interested in a particular fundraiser that isn’t listed under your group size, give us a call and we’ll find a way to make it work for you, or help you choose a fun and profitable alternative.

Small group fundraising ideas (less than 50 members)
Medium group fundraising ideas (50 – 100 members)
Large group fundraising ideas (100 + members) spacer

Small Group Fundraising Ideas

Just because you’re working with a small group doesn’t mean you don’t have big fundraising goals! And it certainly doesn’t mean those goals can’t be reached!

Achieve your goals with our best ideas for fundraising with small groups:

Lollipops are so easy to sell that even a small group can make a big profit. Here’s an idea to boost your profits: Tie 3 lollipops together with colorful ribbon to make lollipop bouquets. Suggested sale price for lollipops is $0.50 each, but you can sell bouquets for $2 and make an additional $0.50 on every sale!

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This is a great fundraiser for small groups because it’s 100% free and done entirely online through email. You can personalize this unique fundraiser, and use the integrated email feature to quickly and easily reach supporters nationwide! Just imagine your small group getting support from coast to coast!

More about your FREE Online Fundraiser spacer

Medium Group Fundraising Ideas

Medium sized groups like sports teams and youth groups often have the advantage of far reach within the community. Chances are, someone in your groups knows someone in the community who can sponsor the team, or provide a safe locale for fundraising sales. Ask around and see what you find!

Here are some great product ideas for fundraising with medium sized groups:

Delicious Beef Snacks come in a variety of flavors that everyone loves. Medium sized groups will have great success selling these fundraiser favorites at sporting events, community picnics, in schools or around town. Easy to handle carry cases turn this on-the-go snack into an on-the-go fundraiser!

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Scratchcards are a quick and easy fundraiser that almost any group can be successful with. Donation amounts are small, and your supporters get great, brand name coupon sheets as thank you gifts! Get your cards personalized with your group name and logo!

More about Scratchcards Fundraisers spacer

Large Group Fundraising Ideas

There is a lot of potential when fundraising with large groups. Just remember that success depends on good organization. When you have a large group to fundraise for, be sure to call your Fundraising Consultant well in advance for help and ideas for fundraising with your large group.

Here are some great fundraising ideas for large groups to help get you started:

Cookie dough is delicious, convenient and easy to sell! Everyone loves the scrumptious flavors, and the convenience of pre-made cookie dough makes it a fun activity for parents to do with kids, and an easy way to bake up fresh, warm cookies when company drops by!

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This yummy fundraiser is sure to be a hit with everyone. Beef snacks make such a delicious, convenient and high protein snack that selling them will be so easy, you’ll want to sell them again and again!

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Imagine if each member of your large group sent just 12 emails each to invite people to your online magazine store! You would be selling magazines so fast, you’d barely be able to keep up with the profits! And since the fundraiser is completely free, there’s absolutely no risk to trying it out! A great idea is to start a free online fundraiser as a companion to traditional fundraisers like candy bars and Scratchcards.

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