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June 2014
July 1, 2012 june newsletter june newsletter's Easy Breezy Summer Sale june newsletter june newsletter makes choosing your summer fundraiser easy breezy with special summer-only offers on some of our most popular and profitable fundraisers.

That's two free cards per 10 cards ordered! Supporters scratch one or more dots and donatethe amount(s) uncovered in return for valuable coupons for national vendors.
Conveniently pocket-sized and fully customizable, scratchcards are created with your group name and photo at no extra cost. Choose 30 or 60-dot cards. +90% profit.

$5 off cases of GOURMET LOLLIPOPS
These mouthwatering pops aren’t just for kids! In themed shapes, eye-popping colors and unexpected flavors, gourmet lollipops keep fundraising fun. Stay sweet with flavors like Yummy Hearts, Crème de la Crème and Red Ribbon or get bold with Hot Pops, Color Exploders and Shockwave Sour Pops. +50% profit. june newsletter june newsletter
$5 off cases of BEEF SNACKS
Brand name recognition boosts profits! Offer Jack Links Beef Jerky snacks in a selection of their favorite flavors and you’re sure to reach your fundraising goal in record time. Choose easy-to-carry fundraising packs of X-Stick eXtreme, Beef Steak, Smart Choice or Variety Packs. A high-protein/low-cal alternative. +40% profit.
CALL 1.800.443.5353 to get the Fundraising 101 Fundraising Guide FREE, or request it now at spacer spacer spacer spacer spacer spacer

May 1, 2012 may newsletter spacer

Get noticed with our Custom Combo Fundraiser. It includes:

Scratchcards – Enjoy convenience, fun and 90% profit! Bearing your photo or logo, supporters scratch dots and donate the amount(s) uncovered! Each card earns $100!
Learn more.

Custom Tees – Starting at just $3.38, tees ensure all eyes are on your cause and earn your group up to 65% profit! Provide your own creative design or we’ll help you create one!
Learn more.

OFFER ENDS 06.30.12
A Online Fundraiser: No inventory or $$$ to handle + no paperwork!
Use email and social networks to increase your reach! spacer

March 21, 2012 mar newsletter
Fundraising flowers are now in-store!

Fresh flowers are now in your fundraising stores so spread the word!
Send fresh bouquets to friends, send them to top earners or send them to yourself:
the more you buy the more you’ll save on shipping.

Go ahead, spread spring generously! Sign in > mar newsletter
******* Bundle your flowers to save on shipping *******

Just $4 shipping for the first item, then add $1 per additional item to a
maximum of $7. Orders of 7 or more receive FREE shipping. 

Due to shipping restrictions, we cannot ship outside the Continental US nor to a P.O. Box Address.
Flower fundraising
Facebook fundraising Twitter fundraising

February 24, 2012 announcement
Announcing a brand new, super-spectacular

2012 has brought exciting changes thus far: First, we were welcomed to the Great American Opportunities family, (inheriting literally hundreds of brand new fundraising programs soon to be introduced) and next, we set about merging our three well-loved fundraising websites -, and - in order to create one super, all-encompassing URL,  

If you’ve visited us recently, you’ll have seen an updated logo and the beginnings of a refreshed look and feel that will continue to be rolled out in stages over the coming months.  

What hasn’t changed is our commitment to provide you with the absolute best fundraising solutions for your cause. Join in our conversations on Twitter + Facebook and watch these spaces for exclusive promotions and the latest news out of the new, super-fantastic announcement
*The $20 discount is valid only on orders of $500 or more. Limit one discount per order.
Call to order at 1.800.443.5353

February 14, 2012 feb newsletter
This Valentine's Day, raise funds for your special cause with love-inspired, Valentines-themed lollipops.

Both kids and adults will fall head-over-heels for their tempting shapes and sweet flavors, and you'll be absolutely smitten with up to 50% profit! feb newsletter Yummy Hearts
Milk chocolate, heart-shaped pops are irresistable and perfect for any group and any age.
Yummy Hearts
Charming flavors like Bubble Gum, Cherry Cheesecake, Cherry Snow + Strawberry Shake.
Yummy Lips
Lip-smacking flavors including Berry, Cinnamon, Grape, Orange + Raspberry.
Sour Lips
Lip-puckering flavors like Sour Apple, Sour Cherry + Sour Mandarin. feb newsletter Yummy Roses
Romantic, chocolatey roses come in pink, white, and red and are individually wrapped for gift-giving.
Hot Pops
Bold, fun, spicy flavors like Green Apple, Lemon, Mango + Pineapple add an unexpected twist!
Fruit 'n' cream gourmet goodness in fancy flavors like Caramel Apple & Cream + Straw-bana & Cream.
Sugar Free
For those sweet enough already, offer up YUMMY LIX sugarless flavors.
Call 1.800.443.5353 to plan your Valentine's Day
fundraiser now

January 4, 2012
free fundraising guide

Get Schooled
in Successful Fundraising:

The Fundraising 101 Guide
is your guide to succeed!

Each guide comes with a $20 off coupon
redeemable for your next

free fundraising guide

2012 is the year where you become a bona fide fundraising expert!

With our brand new, hot-off-the-presses Fundraising 101 Spring Fundraising Guide, you’ll get schooled in all the most profitable and proven fundraisers out there.

Each campaign – from time-tested products like scratchcards and chocolate, to innovative campaigns like our Magazine Fundraisers and eFunds Fundraising Cards  – have been carefully selected for low selling price vs. high profit percentage, and for ease and ultimate usability… because a fundraiser isn’t successful if you’re not having fun!

CALL 1.800.443.5353 to get the new eFundraising 101 Spring Fundraising Guide FREE, or request it now at

December 14, 2011

50% OFF Scratchcards - A Special Holiday Gift For You

What better way to spread holiday cheer than with 50% off our most profitable fundraiser?
Pay just $10 per card instead of $20 and raise $100.00 per card!

This offer valid till December 23, 2011. Minimum order 10 cards. When ordering, please provide code HOLIDAY2011 to your fundraising Consultant

Scratchcards are our most popular fundraiser because they're:
  • flexible: choose 30 or 60-dot cards to best fit your group's need
  • customizable:  decorate them with your group's photo or logo
  • fun:  supporters scratch one or more dots to uncover donation amount
  • pocket-sized: perfect to take along to all your holiday gatherings
  • profitable: up to 90% of your donations go directly to your group
Take advantage of our holiday cheer now! Call 1-800-443-5353 to order by December 23.

January 4, 2012

Fun & Easy Fundraising Ideas to Try Over the Thanksgiving Weekend!

Thanksgiving is a perfect time to raise funds because you are surrounded by family and friends who are in a festive and giving mood, thus more willing to help your cause!

Cookie Dough – While everyone is already talking about food, you can collect your cookie dough orders and have them delivered to your supporters right in time for the holidays! More information at Scratchcards – With a personalized card featuring your group’s photo, small donation amounts and a coupon sheet filled with great savings, gaing support is as easy as pumpkin pie! More information at

eFunds Cards – Supporters can redeem their cards online for a variety of products and gift ideas (magazines, cookie dough, jewelry, etc), which are then shipped directly to their door! More information at Call 1.800.443.5353 or visit to order today or for more information.

Don’t have your free Fall Fundraising Guide yet? Request it online:

October 2011

Tempt supporters with a delicious cookie dough fundraiser!

While your supporters are enjoying their delectable home-made cookies, you can enjoy all the other benefits of fundraising with cookie dough, including:

  • 7 cookie dough programs to choose from (both tub and preportioned)
  • No up-front costs – so no risk!
  • Up to 55% profit
  • Free Shipping (if minimum is met)
  • Possibility of pre-packing
  • You can even sell it online!

  • More information about cookie dough:

    Call 1.800.443.5353 today to order your brochures or to request your free Fundraising Guide at

    September 2011

    Do you have your copy of the fall 2011 Fundraising Guide yet?

    As we settle into fall, the biggest fundraising season of the year, we want to make sure that you are ready for your next fundraising drive. Whether your goal is for new uniforms, excursions, tournaments, special causes, upgraded equipment, we are there to help you make it happen! If you have not already done so, request your copy of our FREE 2011 Fall Fundraising Guide – it’s the best tool you can have for making your final fundraising decisions.

    You’ll find all our proven fundraising programs, including cookie dough, online, chocolate, scratchcards, lollipops, gift cards, and much more to get you to your goal. Plus, you’ll get a coupon worth $20 off your next order!

    Call 1.800.443.5353 today to order your brochures or to request your free Fundraising Guide at

    August 2011

    A brand new fundraising season is upon us!

    A new fall season is quickly approaching and we look forward to working with you to achieve your fundraising goals. Whether your goal is for new uniforms, excursions, tournaments, special causes, upgraded equipment, we are there to help you make it happen!

    Get your copy of our FREE, hot-off-the-presses 2011 Fall Fundraising Guide, full of proven fundraising programs to get you to your goal. Plus, you’ll get a coupon worth $20 off your next order!

    All of the programs we offer have been carefully selected and tested for affordable selling prices, high profit percentages, ease and ultimate usability. Choose from cookie dough, chocolate, Scartchcards, lollipops, gift cards, an online program and much more, all at up to 90% profit! We know that fundraising success is not just about achieving your goal - but about having fun while doing it!

    Call 1.800.443.5353 today to order your brochures or to request your free Fundraising Guide at

    June 2011

    Huge Fundraising Sale!
    Just in time for your summer fundraiser!

    Scratchcards – 2 for 1
    Get 2 Scratchcards for the price of 1, which means you can now double your profit!

    eFunds Fundraising Card – $2 off/card
    Get $2 off per card, bringing your profit potential from 40% to 50%!

    T-Shirts – Buy 12, get 1 free
    For every 12 t-shirts you buy, you’ll get an extra one for free!

    Lollipops – $5 off/master case
    Get $5 off per master case, for a total profit potential of almost 52%!

    Hurry – this sale won’t last forever! Call 1.800.443.5353 to order today – sale ends July 31, 2011.

    Request your free guide!

    *Please note that you must pay up-front in order to qualify for the above rebates.

    May 2011

    Cookie Dough now Available in Pre-Pack!

    Are you interested in running a cookie dough fundraiser but don’t want to deal with the distribution process headaches? We’re here to help!

    Introducing the new Cookie Dough Pre-Pack Program! We’ve removed the hassles involved with running a Cookie Dough fundraising campaign so all you need to worry about is your profit! See details at

    Here are the 2 major advantages of choosing Pre-Pack:
    1. Orders are delivered already sorted and packed per participant – so each participant receives his/her personal container of cookie dough, packed with only the cookie dough items purchased by his/her customers.
    2. You group does not have to order full cases of cookie dough since orders are not packed to the case. No need to worry about rounding up your orders to make them divisible by 6!

    Call 1-800-443-5353 today to find out how you can start your pre-pack cookie dough fundraiser at up to 50% profit.

    Early Bird Special: Book your fall cookie dough fundraiser between May 1st and June 15th, 2011 and we’ll throw in pre-packing for free!* You’ll get the simplicity of pre-pack with the same profit potential as our regular cookie dough programs – call now or visit

    Get your copy of the new Fundraising Guide for all the latest fundraising ideas!

    *To qualify for the free pre-pack, you must sign a cookie dough agreement between May 1 and June 15, 2011 and receive your cookie dough order (minimum of 250 units) before December 31, 2011.

    April 2011

    Beat the Heat with these Cool Summer Fundraisers!

    Start an Online Fundraising Campaign and reach supporters across the US without leaving your air-conditioned office or home.

    Scratchcards deliver big profits without you having to worry about your inventory melting!

    Hot summer nights often mean eating out so offer supporters great deals on dining out with Cards.

    Your fans will be cheering you on all summer with T-Shirts personalized with your team logo and colors.

    Hurry - call 1.800.443.5353 to get started before the summer comes to an end!

    Get your copy of the new Fundraising Guide for all the latest fundraising ideas!

    March 2011

    Go Green with our New Collection of Flowers

    Just in time for Spring, a brand new collection of flower bulbs is now available on your online fundraising store. Offer your supporters an earth-friendly option with everything they need to start their own beautiful garden while supporting a great cause!

    Your store also features great magazine offers, delicious cookie dough and convenient restaurant gift certificates, with up to 40% profit going back to your group.

    Go to to sign in to your online fundraising campaign today to see what’s new and don’t forget to tell your supporters about the flowers too! Is your campaign already over? You can easily relaunch your campaign for Spring by clicking on the Relaunch button on your Campaign Manager home page once you’ve signed in.

    Don’t have a store yet? Visit now to get started.

    January 2011


    It's another brand new year and we look forward to helping all kinds of fun groups like yours with your diverse fundraising goals. New uniforms, excursions, tournaments, special causes, upgraded equipment...It's exciting to know we'll play a small part in making those things happen!

    Our FREE, hot-off-the-presses 2011 Spring Fundraising Guide is full of proven campaigns to raise the funds you need. Each has been carefully selected for low selling price vs. high profit percentage and more importantly, for ease and ultimate usability.

    At, we know that fundraising success is about achieving your goal as much as it is about having fun while doing it.