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Smanimals: Preserving animal habitats, one eco-friendly toy at a time.

Smanimals fundraising
From the makers of Smencils, Smanimals are super soft, gourmet-scented plush toys packaged in individual freshness “eggs.” Collect all 8! For every Smanimal purchased, 5 cents is donated to an animal habitat conservation charity of your choice.
  Retail Price/Item: $15 per Smanimal
  Items/Case: 20 Smanimals per case (2 of each scent)
  Minimum Order: 1 cases
  Shipping is free!
  Can also be sold as an Order Taker fundraiser ($5 profit per Smanimal)
Available in 10 scents: Pink Llamanade, Cotton Candy Tail, Mint Chocolate Chipmunk, Orange-utan, Kangarootbeer, Dinosour Apple, Panda Pear, Porcupineapple, Cockatutti Frutti, Strawberry Cubcake.
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*Prices subject to change without notice. Allow 7 to 10 business days for delivery.

Click images below to view each Smanimal
Pink Llamanade
Pink Lemonade-scented Pink Llamanade is very, very clumsy…but in a funny way. Hey, you’d be clumsy too if your neck was this long. His hobbies are painting, gossiping, water skiing, and yoga.
Cotton Candy Tail
Having a conversation with ever alert, cotton candy-scented Cotton Candy Tail feels like you’ve just taken a roller coaster ride with your eyes stuck wide open. His hobbies are conspiracy theories, cleaning, and track & field.
Mint Chocolate Chipmunk
Mint chocolate-scented Mint Chocolate Chipmunk is a leader by nature and always up to date on anything techie related. Need your computer fixed? Give Chip a call. His hobbies are surfing the web, programming, and gaming.
Orange-utan smells of orange, is laid-back and always ready to catch some waves. Mellow as can be, Orange’s voicemail says, “What’s up? I’m at the beach.” His hobbies are surfing, hanging out, spray tanning, "horticulture", and bongo drums.
Root beer-scented Kangarootbeer is adventurous, brave, and a survivalist. You’ll love Kangarootbeer for all the pouch rides you’ll get. It’s crazy fun! His hobbies are bungy jumping, rock climbing, scuba diving around reefs, barbequing shrimp, and extreme hop scotch.
Dinosour Apple
Have you ever known a dinosaur who was scared of the dark? Apple-scented Dinosour Apple is, even with his scales and big teeth! His hobbies are ancestry, aimless walks, and archaeology.
Panda Pear
Pear-scented Panda Pear is quiet and shy and enjoys hanging out with friends and family. He used to be a gymnast…but has put on a bit of weight since then. His hobbies are lounging around in bamboo forests, and fortune telling.
Pineapple scented Porcupineapple is all about traveling. Especially to tropical places. So far, Hawaii is the favorite. Pine enjoys laying on the beach and taking in the sun with a cool, tall glass of pineapple juice. Hobbies: Reading, going to the gym, and spiky hair.
Cockatutti Frutti
Tutti Frutti scented Cockatutti Frutti is the most out going of the Smanimals. Tutti enjoys dancing and being the life of the party. Tutti never misses the opportunity to update the Smanimals facebook and instagram. Tutti is all about Selfies. Hobbies: Dancing, taking selfies, and using hair product.
Strawberry Cubcake
Strawberry Cupcake scented Strawberry Cubcake is optimistic and always cheerful. Having a bad day? Cubcake is the one who will turn your frown upside down. Cake enjoys exploring the forests and hibernating. Do not bother Cake during hibernation. Hobbies: Jogging, football, collecting precious stones and hibernating.
*Not recommended for children 3 or under. Each Smanimal is 6" tall.