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Exclusive! Earn huge profits with Nestle BIGGER Pack

Nestle $1 BIGGER Pack Fundraiser UP TO 50% PROFIT
Exclusive to! A big fundraising pack for big fundraising profits, filled with America's best-loved Nestle candy bars.  Retail Price: $1  200 bars / case (4 x 50-count carry boxes)  Minimum Order: 4 cases  Delivery: 5-7 business days
What's Included: Butterfinger (13), Baby Ruth (13), 100 Grand (13), Nestle Crunch (4) and Skinny Cow (7)
Order Online Free Fundraising Kit

3 - 7 $120 $200 40%
8 - 19 $110 $200 45%
20+ $100 $200 50% spacer
Why is a Nestle $1 Bigger Pack a profitable fundraising idea?
When you offer a recognizable brand that supporters already know and love, your fundraiser will be an instant hit. And at just $1 each, their price point is just as popular!

Fundraising BONUS:
This pack contains a chocolate brand exclusive to and contains popular, recognized Nestle candy bars.

How to start your Nestle $1 Bigger Pack fundraiser
Call us toll free at 1-800-443-5353 to ask your questions, confirm product details and place your order. For this fundraiser, the average group orders 1 carrier case per fundraising participant. Minimum Order: 4 cases. Complete cases must be purchased as cases cannot be broken.

Accepted payment methods are: Major credit cards; checks; checks by phone; certified checks; money orders or credit terms to schools issuing valid purchase orders.

Allow a minimum of 5 to 7 business days for delivery of your chocolate once order is placed and payment is received. A $50 shipping fee applies to all orders under $2000 and a fee of $20 applies to all orders above $2000. Additional charges will apply for warm climates. IMPORTANT: Due to the costly, added expense of refrigerated trucks, we regret that orders under $1200 will not be shipped during summer months (June through August).

In The Meantime:
Organize your fundraising team and spread the word to prospective supporters about your upcoming fundraiser! Utilize flyers, posters, group emails and posts on your website. For ultimate viral impact, share details of your fundraiser on Facebook, Twitter, or other social media profiles. Read more helpful Fundraising Tips here.

Though we make every effort to keep our site content accurate, products, pricing, promotions, packaging or brochures may change without notice. It’s always best to speak with one of our Fundraising Consultants to confirm all details before launching your campaign.

A successful fundraising idea for:
Large high school groups, middle and elementary school groups, colleges, universities, fraternities, sororities, leagues, sports teams, auxiliary groups, youth groups, cheer groups, bands, non-profit organizations, charities, church, religious or spiritual groups.