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Ultimate Gift Card: Ultimate possibilities!

gift card fundraising
Ultimate choice & ultimate savings: The Ultimate $20 Gift Card, 40% PROFIT

Offer supporters the ultimate in choice and savings while you enjoy the ultimate in convenience! The Ultimate $20 Gift Card is redeemable for more than 650 items, including popular magazines, delicious cookie dough, exclusive jewelry, eCertificates and more!

Keep a tally of how many cards you sell, then place your order once your campaign is done OR pre-purchase a quantity of cards and have them ready to give to supporters at the point of purchase.

Upon receiving their cards, supporters visit to redeem the code for the item of their choice. Their item is then shipped directly to their door!

The same pocket-friendly size as a credit card, Ultimate $20 Gift Cards are convenient to carry, display and sell. You'll love having no products to handle and shipping is left to us, not you. What's more, with no expiration dates, this card offers ultimate flexibility and freedom forboth you and your supporters.

Order Online Free Fundraising Kit

10 $120 $200 40% spacer
Prices subject to change without notice. Allow a minimum of 5 business days for delivery of cards once order is placed and payment is received. Please note that shipping charges may apply when returning unredeemed cards.

gift card fundraising


Q. What if a supporter spends less than the $20 value of their card?
A. The remaining balance stays on their card to use towards future purchases.

Q. What if a supporter wants to spend more than $20?
A. They'll simply provide their credit card information at our secure check-out.

Q. Can a supporter return the card for a refund if they don't find anything they like?
A. Purchasing an Ultimate $20 Gift card supports a fundraising group, so all sales are final.

Q. Can a supporter use this card in person at one of the participating retailer's stores?
A. This card is only valid for items/offers accessed through the online redemption site.

Q. If a supporter buys two cards, can they use apply them both to one purchase?
A. Only one card/redemption code is valid per purchase.

Q. When do supporters have to use the card by?
A. They can redeem it now or redeem it later...The Ultimate $20 Gift Card never expires!

Q. Where can I get Order Forms for this fundraiser?
A. Simply call 1.800.443.5353 to request full-color copies for free.

Q. Can I order a quantity of cards upfront without utilizing Order Forms?
A. Of course! Simply give us a call to place your order and they’ll be on their way.