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Mission Fundraising

Are you a mission planning an upcoming trip or special event but don’t have the funds? Here are some fun fundraising ideas, tips and tricks that will help you earn the maximum profits you’ll need to make your next mission fundraiser a success.

Spread the word
Spread the word of your upcoming trip or special event throughout your entire community and don feel you have to limit yourself to only Christian friends and family. When someone does contribute to your cause, send a thank-you to them (no matter how big or small the contribution amount) and be sure to let others know who your contributors are and how much you appreciate their support. Thoughtfulness often begets future follow-up donations.
mission fundraising Send letters
Concise, thoughtfully-written letters sent from trip or event participants to family members, friends and key members of your community is a personal approach that often pays off. Target 75-100 recipients and feel free to suggest a minimum donation amount. This can be written by hand if time permits, or better yet, prepared electronically and signed by hand. Some groups prepare a fund raising letter in an electronic format so participants can easily personalize it.
Blog about it
There are many blogging services that allow you to start a blog for free. Wordpress, Tumblr, Blogger and others can get you signed up and posting in a matter of just minutes, and their vast selection of readymade, attractive templates means that you don’t have to be a design whiz to get eye-catching results. Start posting about your upcoming trip or event: post photos of your destination, information about what mission members should bring, travelling tips, etc. For events, post a little on the background of your mission, information on where the event will be held and a program or RSVP list. Share the URL with everyone you know via word of mouth and through your favorite social networks like Facebook and Twitter.
Set up an online fundraising store
This idea requires no money to launch and is as quick as it is easy! Register your mission for an online fundraising store and customize it with photos and a personal message explaining why you’re raising funds. Then, share your store’s URL with friends and family by email or social networks and ask them to shop in support. They can purchase, renew or extend subscriptions to their favorite magazines, treat themselves to cookie dough, restaurant gift cards or even jewelry. Your mission receives 40% of every sale, and profit checks are mailed to you monthly. The best part? Your fundraising store requires no effort to maintain, so you can easily run it alongside your other mission fundraising initiatives without additional work.
Involve local churches
When looking for creative ways to raise funds, consider soliciting local churches for assistance. Have friends and family ask their respective congregations for contributions or allow pleas for donations during services. Hosting an informational meeting about your trip or event at a church, or asking for support via the congregation's monthly newsletter or weekly bulletins are further great ways to collect funds.

Make an event of your event!
A car wash, potluck dinner or a bake sale, are great examples of fundraising events that help missions earn the money they need. Other fundraising event ideas to consider are chore auctions, carnivals or cell phone/old electronics recycling drives. Finally, consider having goodies on hand that guests can purchase. Candy bars, lollipops and beef jerky are tried and true crowd-pleasers.
mission fundraising
Corporate Sponsorship
Perhaps it sounds daunting, but in fact plenty of corporations and businesses that set aside a philanthropic budget for the year to go towards worthwhile causes (like yours)! Again, a well-written letter can work wonders here. Check around with friends and family to see if they have any associates or business contacts that you can start with.
Frequent Flyer Miles
Did you know that many airlines condone the donation of frequent flyer miles to non-profit groups? Do you know an avid traveler? Someone who flies often for business? Ask if they’d be willing to donate some of their accumulated mileage to the group – but be sure to check with the airline first to see if your mission trip is eligible.
Remember, giving starts with you!
Kick off contributions by making your own donation to the trip fund first. It doesn’t have to be a huge amount, but even chipping in the amount of money you might have spent on your morning coffee run or eating out for lunch is an excellent start. When others see the small sacrifices you’re willing to make, they’ll get in the spirit, too.
fundraising tips
Have some fundraising ideas, tips or tricks that have worked well for you? Help other fundraising groups by posting them on our Facebook page.