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Awesome Sports Fundraising Ideas

Fundraising for sports teams can be a lot of fun! The trick is to choose a fundraising program that will get your team members motivated. A great idea for sports fundraiser motivation is to choose a fundraising product that can be personalized with your team’s name and logo, or that comes in great sports themes.

Below are some of our favorite personalized sports fundraising products for your next sports fundraising campaign:
Sports Fundraising

This is not only a quick and easy way to raise money, scratch cards can also be personalized with your team name and logo, and they come in a variety of sports themes for you to choose from. Scratchcards are low cost, high profit, and so easy to handle! Best of all, they come with great, brand name coupon sheets as thank-you gifts for your supporters.

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These fundraising champions come in a variety of themed shapes and are so fun and delicious, they almost sell themselves! Vibrant colors, wild flavors and cool shapes are something you just don’t find in stores. Sell lollipops at your next game, and the profits will pile up!

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This FREE fundraiser is great for sports fundraising because you can customize your fundraising website and online magazine store with color, text and an image or photo! The fundraiser is entirely online and makes a great add-on to your regular fundraising campaigns.

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