2 Top Fundraisers for theWinter Holidays

2 Top Fundraisers for theWinter Holidays

It's the age-old question in the fundraising world: how do you fundraise in the most hectic season of the year?! The winter holidays comprise of several events that open doors for fundraising possibilities: Hanukkah, Christmas, New Years, Carnival week, Snow days, and Valentine's Day – so many! Winter gatherings of couples, family, and friends create special memories you'll always cherish – so naturally you want to keep everyone as happy and sweet as possible, right? Our top fundraising picks for the season are cookie dough and chocolate – the ULTIMATE holiday sweeteners!

Cookie Dough Fundraisers: A Holiday Tradition
Baking and serving warm cookies fresh from your oven is a delicious way to ring in the festivities during the holidays - and it also happens to be an easy way to raise funds for your favorite cause.

Cookie dough fundraisers have many advantages:


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