A message for Moms: Thank you

A message for Moms: Thank you

Mothers have always done important work in raising children, supporting families, and building the communities we live in. Their tireless efforts make a lasting impression on their children, whether it be with school organizations, hockey practice, or music lessons. Mothers provide us all with wisdom, courage, guidance and hope. has had the privilege of working with incredible mothers. Season after season, year after year, we are left in awe at the amazing work moms do to make their campaigns successful. Their leadership, their determination, and their care all drive campaigns forward. Because of their work, our campaigns have produced new playground equipment, better little-league uniforms, new school-band instruments, special graduation ceremonies and scholarships. Their work is alive in the communities around them, helping their children become better prepared for the world.

Today, we have a simple message for the moms we have been so privileged to work with:

Thank you.

Thank you for the steadfast work that you do. Thank you for organizing alongside us, for bringing your fundraisers to friends, colleagues, neighbors and co-workers. Thank you for asking us to be part of the fundraisers you run with your children. You inspire us, as you inspire them, to do the best that we can do to help your fundraiser succeed.

From all of us at, Happy Mother’s Day!

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