An ode to you: Our new slogan

An ode to you: Our new slogan

Diving into this fresh, new year, we wanted to write a quick post to let you know we not only have a new logo, we have a new slogan — and its inspired by you: The fundraising website powered by people.

We wanted our slogan to make clear how excited we are to provide support to you and the thousands of others who visit our site each day on your quests to raise funds for something you really, really need — or would just really, really love to have. We're equally thrilled to lend a hand to those who fundraise with others in mind, rallying their troops both on and off the clock in order to give something more powerful and substantial than they could give on their own. Your goals, your drive, your visions of things bigger and better are why we come in to work every morning. Let's do great things this year!

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