Fresh Fundraising Idea: Organize your Group with MyKidsCalendar

Fresh Fundraising Idea: Organize your Group with MyKidsCalendar

If there’s one thing we like to preach, it’s ORGANIZATION.

Organization is key when it comes to making any fundraiser a success – but if you can stay organized around the clock, wouldn’t it be all the more simple to make fundraising a cinch? Have we got a unique (and practical!) fundraising idea for you!

Offered by a New Jersey company, provides an on-line service to coaches and team managers that can be used to manage all their communications with the parents of their athletes, or the athletes themselves. MyKidsCalendar handles emails, reminders, texts, sign-up sheets, announcements, and even directly posts to Facebook pages, helping coaches engage parents.

As part of the service, coaches and team managers send emails through MyKidsCalendar to their parents. The emails can be custom-written by the coach, or generated automatically by MyKidsCalendar. Each of the emails has a space for an advertisement – that’s where the fundraising idea comes into play!

MyKidsCalendar doesn’t sell the advertising space in the emails, but rather offers it to the coach or organization using MyKidsCalendar to use as they please. Groups are charged a very modest fee to “rent” the advertising space on the emails, and they can then go to a local business to sell that ad space at a profit for the organization.

For example: a group may pay MyKidsCalendar $10 a month for the ad space, but the local car dealership pays the group (let’s say a Football or Cheer team) $100, generating a $90 profit for the group. In return, the car dealership has its ad delivered with every email that goes out to that organization, which could total thousands during the course of the season.

Renting the ad space is optional, but for groups that do it, the overall MyKidsCalendar service is “better than free”, since the subscription fee for the service is reasonable. The advertisement will easily pay off the subscription fee, as well as the ad space rental fee, not to mention a healthy profit for the organization.

Of course you can get crafty with the ad space and link it to your FREE Online fundraising store to maximize your profit and generate even more funds for your group.

To learn more about what MyKidsCalendar offers youth sports teams and organizations, visit

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