3 health-conscious Fundraisers

3 health-conscious Fundraisers

Whether your educational institution wants to follow the Smart Snacks in School nutrition standards, or you're a group simply hoping to appeal to health-conscious donors, these three healthy fundraising ideas are every bit as appealing as more decadent treats.

Sell Fresh-From-the-Oven Cookie Dough

Yes, cookie dough! Some indulgent varieties include Perfect Peanut Butter and Chocolate Pecan Treasures but the Fresh From the Oven kit can make dozens of cookies, all without trans fats. Some of the recipes, including the sugar-free oatmeal and cranberry oatmeal cookies, are from leading healthy recipe source Cooking Light. 

Promote Skinny Cow Bars

If you want to go with chocolate but one that meets the nutrition standards, there’s nothing like Skinny Cow bars, delicate wafers layered with chocolate crème and covered in a chocolate coating but with only 110 calories and 6 grams of fat. You can stand to make up to 50 percent profit, depending on the volume you order.

Launch an Online Fundraising Campaign

An alternative to food fundraisers is an online fundraising campaign, this can also be a great fundraising idea if you are some busy-bees; the campaign runs itself, freeing your time to take care of your organization's other needs. Through your online fundraising campaign, health-conscious supporters can find great magazines to support their lifestyle, including health and sports publications. You can make up to 40 percent profit with this campaign, and it works throughout the year!

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