Partner with PayPal

Partner with PayPal

Everyone’s stressed and pressed for time during the holiday season, which is why we’ve introduced checkout with Paypal just in time to make your shopping experience a breeze.

How You Lose Potential Donors
You have created a great webpage that introduces potential donors to your fundraiser. They arrive there and decide that they want to contribute. But how? Send you a check? Give you some cash next time they see you? That’s not at all intuitive or efficient. They leave the page and carry on with their lives: they forget about the campaign and you lose a willing donor. What could you have done differently?

Imagine the same scenario with one small difference: you have added a “Donate” button directly onto your webpage. The potential donor has taken the time to read about your fundraising drive and he or she decides that they want to contribute. This time, however, they click through and finalize their donation. Seconds later, their donation is already on its way to the campaign’s bank account. Simple, isn’t it?

Alternatively, you’ve created a webpage to sell cookie dough, chocolates, popcorn, trash bags, scented candles, or other merchandise in support of your fundraiser. You have advertised the campaign, have sent out emails and other sites link to your webpage. A potential donor arrives on your page: not only do they support the cause, but they also want to purchase the merchandise that you’re selling (Woo-hoo!) The only problem is that there is no button for them to do that, so they carry on with her normal routine and buy the same items later that day at the mall. Uh-oh – you’ve lost a sale!

Imagine that: if you’d have had a convenient “Buy Now” button beside the very items they just purchased at the mall, you’d have made a sale. You’d have been happy, and they’re have been happy – a successful campaign!

The positive scenario that we have just imagined is easy to achieve. If your fundraising activity has an Internet presence, PayPal allows you to install a “Donate” or “Buy Now” button directly on your webpage. It even allows you to add those buttons to an email. That way, PayPal offers your donors a convenient and safe way to contribute to your campaign. Whether they want to simply contribute cash or purchase merchandise that you are selling, PayPal can help.

How does it work?

PayPal has produced a guide that leads you step-by-step through the process of creating an account for your fundraiser as well as choosing and installing the buttons that will make your campaign successful. If you already know how to create an online presence for your fundraiser, you will find the instructions easy to follow.

What Does It Cost?
PayPal charges a fee for the service, in the neighborhood of two or three percent of each donation, depending on the amount of the transaction and your status. If you are a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, then you qualify for a discounted rate.

Your donors do not need to have a PayPal account to make a donation or to purchase fundraising merchandise. PayPal will process payments from all major credit cards, or if they already have a Paypal account or would like to create one, they can do so and avoid having to whip out their credit cards altogether in the future (isn’t technology convenient?!) Many donors may understand that your partnership with PayPal demonstrates the legitimacy of your organization, since PayPal requires documented proof of the non-profit status of your organization: it’s a recognizable stamp of trust.

You can contact us at to learn more about the PayPal option and to discuss the ways in which it may benefit you. Call us at 1.800.443.5353 or talk to us online at We’re nice and we know all sorts of cool and useful stuff!

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