Why does Fundraising matter?

How to Tell A Persuasive Fundraising Story

Good fundraising has to do with good storytelling. If you can't tell a persuasive fundraising story, then you will have trouble meeting your goals. There are some key concepts to keep in mind when telling your fundraising story, and these can all be applied whether you're promoting a sport tournament for charity, or if you're doing a simple product fundraiser like selling Katydids to help people in your community.

Keep in Mind Why your Fundraiser Matters

First and foremost, you have to clearly communicate why your fundraising cause matters. Why is it so important that this money is raised? Why is it important for you to be involved in it? Why should the greater community care about it?

For example, say you're raising money for a local Church group so they can clean up and revitalize a rundown city park. You could say it's important because it will improve the lives of the people living in the area. Explaining in simple terms why your fundraiser is needed right now should be the first element of your fundraising story.

It's All About the People

It's great that you're making the commitment to fundraise for a good cause, but at the end of the day it isn't about you. The fundraiser should be about the people you're helping, and the donors that make it all possible.

It can be tempting to want to start throwing numbers and statistics around, but that rarely helps support your case because people can get skeptical when they have numbers thrown at them. It's more helpful to focus on the people involved, why they need help, and what your donors can do for them.

Why your Donors Matter

While you are doing important work with your fundraiser, you shouldn't make it seem like you're the hero here. Your fundraiser would be nothing without your supporters, so you need to tell your story from the angle of them being the real heroes. Explain what their donations will go towards to demonstrate how they will make a real difference.

When you write out your fundraising story, watch out for third-person words "we" and "us". Focus on using the second person "you" to put the focus on your donors. Whether you're hosting a grand event, or if you're just selling Katydids, a good fundraising story is essential. Write your story down with these tips in mind and we're sure you'll improve your results and become the fundraising superhero you always wanted to be.

How to Deliver a Great Fundraising Pitch

No matter what kind of a fundraiser you're planning, you need to have a persuasive pitch prepared. You should be able to explain in under a minute what your fundraising idea is, and why it matters. It should be an elevator pitch; something short enough that you could tell it to someone in a quick elevator ride. But how do you pack all the necessary information into it?

Practice Makes Perfect

Before you go into the world with your fundraising materials in hand, you'll need to practice your pitch until you have it down pat. Write it down, and recite it in front of a mirror until you have memorized it. Deliver your pitch to family and friends and see how they react. Ask them for feedback so you can determine ways to improve it. Your fundraising pitch will sound natural and more convincing once you've nailed it.

Don't Stick to the Same Script

Even though you've perfected your pitch, that doesn't mean you should stick to the script like a robot. Every prospective supporter is different, and each person will have their own rebuttals and responses. They may interrupt you halfway through with questions or concerns, or they may wait until the end to bombard you with questions. Through practicing your pitch on your family and friends you can figure out what the most common responses are, and you can devise the best way to respond to them.

Demonstrate Value and Importance

The most important element of your pitch is in the way you explain why your fundraiser matters, and why you need help. If you're selling cookie dough for a local elementary school fundraiser, for example, you can explain that the funds will go towards buying new computers for the school library, or for buying new equipment for the football team. When your supporters see that the fundraiser is for a good cause, and that they can make a difference in their local community, it could give them the nudge they need to pledge their support.

Do you have your fundraising pitch ready? Be sure to apply these three tips to make it as effective as possible. While you're at it why not take a look at our selection of cookie dough? Selling these in a fundraising pitch is so easy, they practically sell themselves.

3 Ways to Get Teachers Involved in your School Fundraiser

Teachers are the life blood of any school, so getting them involved in your school fundraiser is essential for success. Whether it's a sport-themed fundraiser, a yard sale, a book drive, or a bake sale, having the teaching staff involved always helps because they have close relationships with their students, and their students' parents. Here are three tips to help you get teachers involved in school fundraisers.

Brief Them on Your Fundraiser

You'll have to tell the student body about your fundraiser, and you'll need to tell the teaching staff about it too. Call a meeting where all the teachers are invited and display enthusiasm at having them involved. You'll need to explain the details of what you're doing, why it matters, and how they can help. In the end you'll want to make them feel appreciated and needed by outlining exactly what they can do to make your school fundraiser a success.

Allow Teachers to Get Involved

If you give teachers a way to be involved in the fundraiser, it's a safe bet that many of them will gladly join in. If it's a sports-themed fundraiser you can assign some of the teachers to act as referees or judges. You could also have some of them help with setting up the event, and with cleaning up after the event is done. You could further incentivize the teaching staff with rewards for those who show outstanding commitment, or to the teacher whose class raised the most money.

Host a Teacher Competition Fundraising Event

You could also have teachers get involved more directly. For example, you could have them offer to shave their head for a large donation, or you could have them agree to do something silly if a big enough donation is made, such as wear a costume for a day. A dunk tank is another classic fundraising idea that can be fun for everyone. Just imagine how many students will line up to dunk their teacher into a pool of cold water!

Sports-themed fundraisers like soccer games, hockey tournaments, and football games are some fun fundraising ideas that schools can use, and you'll definitely need to get teachers involved to pull it off. Need help to decide what is the best fundraiser for your school? No problem! Give us a call at 1.800.443.5353 and one of our Fundraising Consultants will get you all set up.

3 Elements of Good School Branding

Even though online methods are popular today, face-to-face fundraising is as effective as it's ever been. In-person fundraising might even be the only method that you use especially if you're selling some of the fundraising products that we have in our store. We have a few quick tips to share with you right now to help take your face-to-face fundraising game to the next level and make more sales than ever before.

Let's take a quick look at some of the essential elements of school branding, and how they can help your school fundraisers.

Research Your Market

You can't build a strong brand image if you don't know who you're marketing to. Conduct research into different student personas and parent personas and try to understand what are their preferences, concerns, and aspirations. Once you have this information, you can highlight the aspects of your school which will appeal to those qualities. Without it, you'll be working blind and developing an image that you hope works, but could backfire. Conduct surveys, and speak to students, parents, and other people in the community to glean this information.

Align Your Brand With Your Audience

Now that you've narrowed down who your target audience is and what they look for, you can decide what elements of your school should be highlighted in its branding message. Write a list of the most positive elements of your school, and describe how each one applies to your audience's goals. Once you've nailed that down it will become the cornerstone of your brand image.

Stay Consistent

Branding is only effective if it's done consistently. Your school logo, color scheme, mission statement, about page, and everything else should always be the same no matter if it's on social media, a website, a newsletter, or a fundraising drive at your school. To do this, create a style guide that clearly defines your school brand, and how it's communicated in all your marketing and social media materials. The style guide should be given to anyone involved in the school's fundraising efforts.

A strong school brand is essential to launch a successful fundraiser. If you're running a sports fundraiser you can take full advantage of your branding knowledge. What about running Sports Apparel or a Tumblers fundraiser so you can show-off and expand your brand?

3 Tips to Fire Up your Face-to-Face Fundraising Efforts

Even though online methods are popular today, face-to-face fundraising is as effective as it's ever been. In-person fundraising might even be the only method that you use especially if you're selling some of the fundraising products that we have in our store. We have a few quick tips to share with you right now to help take your face-to-face fundraising game to the next level and make more sales than ever before.

Listen More Than You Speak

Cultivating relationships is at the heart of effective in-person fundraising, and when it comes to building strong relationships it's always important to listen to the other person and get to know what they care about. Once you understand where they're coming from and what drives them, you'll be in a much better position to make your sales pitch because you'll be able to frame it a way that aligns with their ideals.

You should spend 75% of the time listening, and only 25% of the time speaking when you interact with a potential supporter, so whenever you're going to make a pitch take special care to let them do the talking. It will keep you from looking too aggressive. Showing curiosity in their concerns makes you seem more sympathetic, and therefore more likely to win their support.

Project Confidence and Sincerity

Projecting an air of confidence and sincerity will help you in any area of life, and this is especially true when it comes to fundraising. When you meet with your supporters maintain strong posture and positive body language, speak clearly and calmly, and smile often. A warm, genuine smile will go a long way in making your supporters feel at ease. If they feel comfortable with you they will be more likely to hear you out and pledge their support to your fundraising cause.

Practice, Practice, Practice!

"Practice makes perfect," as the old saying goes and this applies to your fundraising pitch as well. Before you head out to meet supporters face to face, practice your pitch over and over again until you've nailed it down perfectly. Practice in front of a mirror. Practice with one of your friends or family members. Record yourself on video and see what you really look like. All these methods can help fine tune your approach and find little areas of improvement to perfect your fundraising pitch.

Last of all don't forget to thank everyone you speak to, even if they don't offer their support. Maintaining a positive demeanour will keep your spirits up and carry you through to the next supporter. Have these 3 tips in mind next time you're ready to do some face-to-face fundraising and you should have better results. Best of luck!

3 Canada Themed Fundraising Ideas

This one is for our friends in Canada. There are certain things that appeal to a distinctive sense of Canadian-ness, and some of these things can be adapted to launch a successful fundraiser. So if you live in the Great White North and need some ideas, here are a few Canadian fundraisers.

A Good Ol' Hockey Game

Canadian folk hero Stompin' Tom Connors said it best in his classic song, "the best game you can name is a good old hockey game." It's our national sport, and many Canadians grew up watching Hockey Night in Canada on the CBC, cheering for their home team. If you can go through the effort of organizing a hockey tournament, or just a single game, you can create a lot of fun and excitement for your Canadian fundraiser. During the wintertime, outdoor venues are great, but even if its summer you can still rent a hockey rink for the day. Charge people a sign up fee, and sell tickets for the game. You can make a lot selling hot chocolate, coffee, tea and snacks too. Concession stands are always a good source of additional income in your fundraising events, if you need help choosing the best options for your concession stand, don't hesitate to give us a call, our Fundraising Consultants will be happy to help.

Winter Clothing Drive

Every Canadian has a complete winter wardrobe of scarves, gloves, tuques, thick socks, and long underwear. If you're caught without some of these cold weather essentials you're not going to have a good time when our famously cold winter hits! A good Canadian fundraiser could be a winter clothing drive. Ask around for people to donate any used winter clothing they don't need but that is still in good condition, setup a garage sale in your school gym, add a stand to sell some hot chocolate and rake those funds!

Sweet Maple Treats

Maple syrup is as Canadian as hockey. After all, the maple leaf is on our flag! Maple syrup is delicious, so you can try selling pancake breakfasts with real maple syrup for your Canadian fundraiser. If you've ever tasted real maple syrup you'll know that the imitation stuff at the grocery store does not compare. Syrup farms also produce a wide variety of maple syrup-based candies, so you can try buying some of them in bulk as well.

Browse Our Canadian Fundraisers

Visit our Canadian Fundraisers for a selection of fundraising products suitable for different groups: schools, sports groups, churches, you name it! From t-shirts, to chocolate bars, to magazine subscriptions and the very popular Smencils, we got you covered.

How to Go From Order Taker to Order Maker

There are two types of sales people in this world: order takers, and order makers. It might not be immediately obvious, but there's a world of difference between the two. The bottom line is that while order takers might do alright, order makers are the ones you want on your team.

What's An Order Taker?

An order taker is a salesperson who responds to what the customers wants, takes their order, and makes sure they get it. This by itself is fine, but order takers don't take the initiative to create new opportunities where there could be more. Order takers focus on what they can do right now, but aren't willing to push a little further. They give customers what they want, but don't make people warm up to more purchases that they might not have considered at first.

What's An Order Maker?

Order makers are the highly motivated go-getters that seem to make sales no matter where you put them. They aren't afraid to push back and challenge the customer a little bit. Rather than focusing on what the customer asks for, like order takers do, they focus on what the customer needs and try to convince them to make a purchase. Order makers still know when to quit, but they are persistent and focus on long term results.

How to Be An Order Maker

Being an order maker all comes down to a handful of key traits.
  • Challenge the customer and push them a little bit outside their comfort zone. It's important to not go too far, though. If the customer truly isn't interested, it's best to leave them alone and come back later. No one likes a pushy salesperson.
  • Know everything about the product you're selling. You need to clearly explain the features and benefits of what you're offering to interest people.
  • Listen to your customers, ask questions, and handle objections accordingly. Be patient, and show that you have your customer's best interest in mind. Have responses ready for the common objections that people will have.
  • Become an Order Maker!

    Now that you know how to not just take orders, but make them too, you're ready to try an order taker fundraiser. There's a different fundraising program for each taste; would you choose Jewellery? Snacks? Tumblers? Candles? Or what about a brochure that includes several options? Not sure? Give us a call and together we'll find the right one for you.

    15 School Fundraisers

    At schools across the country fundraising is often used to generate the money needed to pay for all sorts of things from new textbooks to computer labs. If you're in a Parent-Teacher Organization, or if you want to get more involved with fundraising at your kids' school, there are dozens upon dozens of excellent school fundraising ideas which you could put into action. In this list, we present you with 15 tried-and-true school fundraisers for your consideration. Let's start with a classic:

    Cookie Dough

    Cookie dough has been a fundraising go-to for a long time, and it's not hard to understand why. We have the top cookie dough brands; in different tub sizes and proportioned packages; in a variety of flavours, including Gluten Free, so there's a great option for everyone.

    Silent Auction

    Auctions have been used to fundraise for all sorts of causes, and they are no less effective at school. A silent auction works well there because it gives students time to consider their options, and it doesn't require you to have everyone in the school gathered at one time to place bids.

    How Many In The Candy Jar?

    All you need to do is get a large jar and fill it with candies like jelly beans or chocolate eggs, then allow people to make guess for a $1 each. The winner could get a prize like a gift card or one of our discount cards for example.

    Pizza Day

    Pizza is often the go-to meal for students of all ages, so a pizza day fundraiser is a sure thing. Prepare party sized pizzas and sell the slices at $1 each in the school cafeteria or front hallway and let the funds roll in. Be sure to consider vegetarian pizzas for those who can't eat meat, and no-cheese pizzas for those who are lactose intolerant.

    Grab Bags

    Janet Joachim raised $1.8 million for her PTA over the course of 10 years by selling grab bags. You could steal her idea and put together some grab bags of your own and sell them for $5 each. Fill them with some of our snacks, and other useful low-cost items.

    Smencils and Smens

    Smencil and smens are a top seller for school fundraisers, particularly with elementary schools. These scented writing tools come in a wide range of fruity scents. Smencils branded with popular movies and superheroes are a sure hit.

    Team Jerseys

    Every school has a sport team, and you can take advantage of that by ordering custom printed sports jerseys with your school name and logo on it. Give students a way to show their team spirit with a sport jersey fundraiser.

    Balloon Popping

    Here's a cheap and easy fundraiser for school. Fill hundreds of balloons and put notes inside that either award a prize, or say "Sorry try again." Allow students to pop the balloons at $1 each, or whatever you wish to charge, and let the fun begin!


    Popcorn is also a great choice for a school fundraiser. Our popcorn comes in flavours such as cheddar cheese, classic caramel, and jalapeno cheddar, and all are no-trans fat and MSG-free. Take a look at the Gourmet Popcorn page to get started.


    With a scratchcard fundraiser the cards tell your supporters how much to donate. Every supporter gets a sheet of coupons for popular local deals, so they get something valuable out of it no matter what. Donation amounts on the cards range from $1 to $5, a good deal for you and your supporters.


    Whether it's Christmas, Easter, or Valentine's Day, chocolates are an effective fundraising idea for schools. We have a wide selection to choose including our own all-time favorite Katydids.

    Relay Race

    A relay race is great way to generate some team spirit and get everyone involved in a fun, outdoor activity that can raise the funds your school needs. Set up an obstacle course around the school and have people form teams. Charge a small entry fee and offer prizes to the top three winners. The prizes don't have to be anything fancy, just something to get people moving.

    Dance Party

    Many of us have fond memories of school dance parties, so why not have one as a fundraiser? Hire a DJ, hire a caterer, and arrange a Friday night dance party in the school gymnasium. You can charge an admission fee at the door, and you could also sell food and drink at a concession stand. You'll be raising money for the school, and making memoires to last a lifetime.

    Gift Baskets

    Just like the grab bags fundraiser, gift baskets are a great way to raise money for your school. Make gift baskets that are relevant to the time of year, or a current holiday, and sell them in a silent auction.


    You can sell Candles at any time of the year; plus, everyone likes a nice scent to dress up their workspace or home. Place an order at our store and you'll receive the candles within a week.

    Do any of these ideas sound suitable for your next school fundraiser? Hopefully they do. If you have questions or need more ideas, call us! Our Fundraising Consultants will be happy to help you plan your next fundraiser.

    A to Z Fundraising Ideas

    A is for All You Can Eat

    Who doesn't like to eat? More than that, who can resist the chance to eat all they can cram into their stomachs for a low price? Try offering an all you can eat buffet of some type of food that lots of people enjoy. Some good options for this might be pizza, Chinese food, hotdogs, or miniature hamburgers. Pretty much any delicious food that you can get in bulk might do the job here, and you can pull people from miles around if you have it in a fun outdoor location like a city park. If you plan on having it outdoors, be sure to have a backup plan in case of rain.

    B is for Brazilian

    You don't need to be in Rio de Janeiro to enjoy a taste of Brazilian culture. You can put together the costumes and decoration to stage your own little Carnival right in the city where you live. The music, dancing, and spirit of the event is sure to pull big crowds, and when everyone starts having a good time they'll open their wallets to buy whatever food and drink you might have on offer. But of course, everything should be on theme, so only Brazilian style fare should be available. It'll be a night to remember!

    C is for Cook-a-thon

    Again on the theme of food, you can set up a cook-a-thon where people come out and cook whatever they want and you sell whatever they make. This can get interesting as you never know what people are going to come up with, so you might end up with is a cornucopia of culinary delights. If you're doing it in the summertime, barbequing is the way to go, and be sure to offer ice cold refreshments as well. Good food has a way of bringing people together, and that's exactly what you want to do when throwing a fundraiser.

    D is for Dance Party

    Put on your dancing shoes! Rent out a music hall and change a small admission for people to come in and dance the night away. You can make this even more unique by adding a special theme like 80s disco, or 70s rock n' roll. Not only can you generate revenue from admissions, but also from selling drinks and snacks. You'll of course have to account for the cost of hiring a DJ or bands, the venue rental, and any other costs that come with it, but in the end you should be able to turn a profit. Do the math first to see what your breakeven point will be and figure out how feasible it will be to raise your desired amount of funds.

    E is for Environmental Cleanup

    Do some good for your community and assemble a team to clean up a local park, forest, or river. You'll be doing a great service to the neighbourhood, and people will appreciate the hard work you're doing. The way to make money here is to get sponsored by local residents and businesses. Go door to door, or ask around online, and get as many pledges as you can. The more people you have looking for pledges the better, and it also helps to plan on cleaning up an area that really needs it.

    F is for Film Night

    Almost anyone likes maxing and relaxing with a good movie, so this can make for a simple fundraising idea. Stage it outside if the weather's nice and make like a sit down drive in theatre, or host it at a community centre on the cheap. The money comes from admission fees and concessions, just like a real movie theatre, and you can get popcorn and refreshment for cheap from a dollar store. Just be sure to pick a film that's okay for all ages.

    G is for Games Tournament

    There has been a massive resurgence in the popularity of board games, so this presents another great fundraising opportunity. Choose a competitive game and get the word out that you're having a tournament with a small sign up fee, and prizes for the winners. It shouldn't be too hard to get people interested in this idea. It'll be fun night of games for everyone, and you can also offer snacks and drinks as an additional revenue stream.

    H is for Hockey

    Few things are as Canadian as hockey, so better way to get people to come out and show their support for your cause then by staging a hockey game? There are a couple ways you can do this. You can either have people pay to join a team and play in either a tournament or a single match against other participants, or you can set up a game with local players and charge admission. Getting local celebrities to show up can help attract more attention to the game. Either way, keep things light and friendly because like Stompin' Tom Connors said, "The best game you can name is a good old hockey game!"

    I is for Icy Water

    Every January, some people (who might be crazy) partake in the polar bear swim, which is where they plunge headlong into the frigid waters of one of the great lakes. This can also be great fundraising idea. If you or any of your partners are willing to do it, collect donations to take a dip in a freezing cold lake. You will of course want to set a minimum total donation for this, and you can make a big event out of it when you're ready to take the plunge. The best part about it is that there really are no overhead costs as you don't have to pay to jump in a lake.

    J is for Junk Sale

    More commonly called a garage sale, this is an easy way to raise a little money and get rid of any old stuff you have lying around at the same time. If you want to get other people involved, you can charge them a nominal fee to set up their own table at the event. Stage this in an area that gets a lot of foot traffic to maximize the number of potential customers, and send out some flyers around town to get the word out before the big day. Social media is also very useful in raising some awareness of your junk sale, so set up a Facebook event and promote it as much as possible leading up to the day.

    K is for Karaoke

    How many of us have been caught singing in the car or the shower? A lot of people have a signer inside just looking for a stage, and you can give them one with a fundraising karaoke event. Charge people admission, and host the fundraiser at a trendy cafe or small concert venue. This is another idea where you can have food and drink on offer to generate a little extra income, and a little alcohol might go a long way in helping people break through their stage fright and sing their favorite tune. It'll be a fun night for everyone.

    L is for Limbo

    How low can you go? Host a limbo competition and find out! This is a great summertime fundraiser that of course lends itself to Caribbean themes. Get someone to play a steel drum and a booth where people can buy fresh coconuts, and it'll be just like Jamaica. When the music's playing and the bar comes down lower and lower there will be an intoxicating energy in the air.

    M is for Marathon

    This option isn't for the faint of heart. It takes serious endurance to run a marathon, so you might just want to do a half marathon, but either way this is a solid fundraising idea. Have every person on your fundraising team look for sponsors to run a marathon and the money will add up quick. You might want to do a little training before hand though. It's sure to take a lot out of you, but it'll be worth it when you hit your fundraising goal.

    N is for Nature

    Maybe you live in a city with a lot of scenic trails and parks? Try arranging guided hikes around some of the most breathtaking areas and providing people with information on some of your cities best natural settings. Most cities do have natural beauty to be found, you just have to know where to look, so you can surprise people by showing where the good stuff is. For this you would charge a fee, and tips are also a possibility if you give good service.

    O is for Origami

    The Japanese art of paper folding is rare skill. It take a lot of patience and precision to make one of those little paper cranes or frogs, and that make for interesting knick knacks to have on your desk at the office or bookshelf at home. Find some people who know how and hire them to sit at a booth and make origami animals for people at a few bucks each. It isn't everyday you see someone who can do this, so you might be able to get a lot attention from passers-by on the street when they see what's going on.

    P is for Pants

    Or, rather, the lack of them! You've maybe heard of the no pants subway ride which happens in major cities once a year, and this is a similar thing. You'll have to look for sponsors to pledge money to the cause with this one. The idea is that once you've raised enough money you and your partners will spend one whole day without wearing pants, wherever you go. This could be a little difficult in the wintertime, so we suggest keeping this one to the warmer months of the year.

    Q is for Quiz Night

    Quizzes and trivia nights are popular at bars, so if you've ever been to one you know how fun it can be. Stage your own quiz night at a popular venue and watch the money roll in. To generate some extra chance, offer bonus questions where anyone in the room can shout out an answer but if they get it wrong they have to contribute a quarter into the pot. Do this with some really tough questions and watch the change pile up. It'll look like you raided a piggy bank by the end of the night.

    R is Rap Battle

    This one's a great way to get younger people involved. Put the word out that you're staging a rap battle tournament where anyone can come and test their verbal mettle. You might be surprised at how many amateur rappers there are out there. Since you would host this is a concert hall or some other indoor venue, you can generate additional funds by selling snacks and refreshments. Alcoholic beverages might be ideal here, so look into getting a liquor license for the evening.

    S is for Shakespeare

    Channel your inner dramatist and act out one of Shakespeare's plays. Try going with one of the comedies as they are more suitable for all ages. If you choose to do this yourself with your business partners, we recommend going with the sponsorship route as to put on the show since you probably don't have professional acting skills and it might be a little nerve wracking to get on stage. The other route is by hiring a stage acting crew, renting a nice venue, and charging guests a modest fee to get in the door. Be sure to offer refreshments at intermissions too.

    T is for Training Seminars

    If you or someone in your company has a special line of expertise, ask them if they would be willing to give training sessions. It could be anything from yoga, to motivational speaking, to marketing; pretty much anything that you think people will pay to learn more about could be offered as a training session to raise money for your business. Get the word out through social media and digital advertising to generate some buzz before the event, and give people a small discount on ticket prices when they pay in advance.

    U is for Ugly Face

    Encourage people to get a little silly and show you their best ugly face. Have people pay to enter photos of themselves making their most hideous ugly face and assemble a panel of judges with your staff and have a good laugh at all the ridiculous pictures that come in. The winner gets a prize. May the ugliest face win!

    V is for Volleyball

    Another sports-themed event, this one can't miss in the summertime. Arrange a volleyball tournament and have people pay to enter, or you can hire celebrity teams and charge people tickets to watch the big game. Either way, it shouldn't be hard to generate some buzz and get people interested.

    W is for Water Fight

    Who doesn't love a good water fight on a blazing hot day? Get in touch with your inner child and sell people water balloons to throw at each other. Maybe you could also set up games where two teams are pitted against each other and whoever is dryer at the end of it wins.

    X is for X Marks the Spot

    Let's hunt for treasure! Design a map that makes people feel like their searching for pirate gold and charge them a small fee to partake in the event. Make this a day-long event where finding one treasure gives them a clue leading to the next, and the next, ultimately sending them all over town, or maybe just a large park that would be a good fit for the event. As far as what you should use for buried treasure is concerned, the dollar store should have some cheap toys that work for this purpose.

    Y is for Yoyo

    How many people know how to do tricks with a yoyo? Get some yoyo pros together and put on a show or a competition and charge people admission to watch. Like with any other event, food and drinks are another way you can generate some extra revenue with this fundraising idea.

    Z is for Zoo

    Here's an idea that the kids are sure to love, and if they kids love it they will bring the parents with them. Set up a petting zoo with barn yard animals, or whatever other exotics mammals and birds you can gather. It's not every day you get to come back to face with a sheep or an alpaca, and they are very furry and tame creatures. You'll also want to have a few animal handlers around just in case they get a little unruly from all the human attention they are sure to get.

    105 Fundraising Ideas

    There is virtually no limit to the number of things you can do as a fundraiser. From competitions to raffles to games, the only limit is your imagination. To save you a little time in brainstorming we're presenting you with 105 fundraising ideas to get the ball rolling. Hopefully you'll find something you like.

    1. Deaf for a Day

    Assemble your finest fundraising team and collect pledges for you to pretend to be deaf for a day. On the day of deafness you can only communicate using sign language and gestures for the entire day. Not talking can be a lot harder than you think sometimes, so make sure the minimum pledge is high.

    2. Pajama Day

    If you work at an office, see if you can arrange a work-in-your-jammies day where everyone wishing to wear their bedclothes pays a fee for enjoying the day in the utmost of comfort. A pair of soft slippers and a terry cloth house coat could be just the thing to boost productivity and focus.

    3. Bottle Return

    If you can return empty bottles and collect their deposits in your city it can make for another good fundraising idea. Ask all your neighbours to hand over whatever empty beer and liquor bottles they might have lying around. You need to collect a lot of them to make it worthwhile, so you'll need a car to transport them all.

    4. Community Clean Up

    Anytime there's a festival, concert, or show of any kind there is always garbage scattered and piling up everywhere. Offer your professional cleaning services and charge a fee for a speedy and thorough cleanup operation.

    5. The Community Tree

    This works best during Christmastime. Buy the largest tree you can find and set it up in a park or neighbourhood, then sell people ornaments and lights to hang on it. Place a donations box next to the tree for people to leave their festive tidings.

    6. Ball Pit Treasure Hunt

    Find a large bin, something about the size of a baby's crib, and fill it with balls that have been stuffed with either prizes or "sorry try again" notes. People just reach in, dig around, and grab one. Charge $1 per try, and include a "grand prize" hidden somewhere in the mix.

    7. The Auction House

    Auctions always make great fundraisers, and there are several different types that you could try. There are silent auctions, blind auctions, bachelor auctions, ghost auctions, and used car auctions, just to name a few. Always make it clear that the profits from the event are going to a good cause.

    8. Corsages

    Is the local high school having prom soon? Is Valentine's Day coming up? You can make corsages fairly cheap with materials from an arts and crafts store like Michaels, or even the dollar store. Sell them at a decent markup and get the word around town.

    9. Ugly Sweater/Tie/Hat Day

    Ugly sweaters often pop up around the holidays, but you can stage your own ugly sweater day at the office to generate some quick and easy funds. People simple pay a nominal fee to wear an ugly sweater to work, and you could make things more interesting by offering a prize to the ugliest sweater of the day.

    10. Selling Saplings

    Go to a local arboretum or green house and ask if they have any saplings they would be willing to donate to your fundraising cause. Then sell the baby trees to people any way you can. Whether you do it online, door to door, or in a store there are lots of people who want to liven up their homes with a little greenery.

    11. Busking

    If you or anyone else on your fundraising team has a musical talent you can always try playing in the street for money. Some buskers can makes hundreds of dollars in an outing so don't underestimate this one. You might have to check with the city to see if you need to apply for a street performer's license first, however.

    12. Create a Mixtape

    The art of the mixtape isn't dead, it can still live on in your fundraising efforts! Going along with the busking idea, if your fundraising team has any musical talent you can record a few songs on a CD and sell them. You'll need to rent time in a studio to make a professional quality recording.

    13. Theme Party

    Who doesn't like going to a theme party every now and then? Pick your own wacky or exotic theme and charge your guests a modest admission. You'll have to throw in a big draw to get a lot of people interested, like a popular DJ or band.

    14. Movie Night

    Movie nights are a tried and true fundraising idea. You can make this extra-interesting if you hold it in the summertime by having it outdoors in a beautiful park or down by the water (if your city has water). Just be sure to pick a film that's suitable for all ages.

    15. Sports!

    Another great idea is to arrange a sports game; hockey, football, soccer baseball, whatever is most popular in your city, and generate revenue from ticket sales and concessions.

    16. Beat the Goalie

    If you have connections in professional or minor league sports, see if you can find a goaltender who would be willing to help you out. Charge people to take shots (or kicks if you want to do soccer) on the goalie and anyone who scores gets a small prize.

    17. Scavenger Hunt

    Make a treasure map with clues leading to a buried treasure somewhere in town and charge people a fee to play the game. Generate a buzz with social media and whatever ads you can afford. The more players, the merrier.

    18. Lawnmower Men

    Are your neighbours letting their grass grow a bit too long? Go door-to-door with a lawnmower and ask people if they'd like their grass cut for a fee. This idea works especially well with school kids.

    19. Can I Assist You?

    Offer to be someone's personal assistant for a day. Clean their shoes, fetch their coffee, and take their phone calls, all for a modest fee being put towards a good cause. A lot of people are so busy these days, why not help them out?

    20. Dog Walking Service

    Dogs are a lot of responsibility to own since you have to take them out for walks regularly during the day, and this can be a problem for some people who have to be at work all day. Start a dog walking service and take care of the little pooches when their owners can't be around.

    21. Mr. Fix-It

    - If you're handy, why not offer your know how to people in need. Even odd jobs around the house like fixing a leaky sink or patching a hole in the wall can be worth a small fee. The key is to be able to handle as many jobs as possible to maximize your revenue potential and this might entail buying new tools or watching tutorials on home repair.

    22. Let's Go Bowling

    There's nothing like the sound of 10 pins smashing after bowling a strike! A simple bowling tournament can be a great way to rally people of all ages together. Fundraising comes through player registration fees and concessions.

    23. Games Tourney

    Board games are all the rage these days, so you could easily put together a board games event in a banquet hall. This could work as a tournament or as a friendly games night where people pay to rent board games and play with their friends.

    24. Karaoke Idol

    Some people turn into rock stars once they have a few drinks and stand on a stage, so give them a place to claim their crown as Karaoke Idol. Offer a cash prize to the winner, and consolation prizes to the runners up. Make a big spectacle of this fundraiser and it will be a night to remember.

    25. Used Book Blowout

    Ask around if people have any old books they want to get rid of and sell them all in a used book blowout sidewalk sale. See if you can get a table at a bazaar or festival to get a spot with tons of foot traffic.

    26. TV Series Finale Marathon

    People often like to make a big deal of it when their favorite show reaches its terminal episode so they make an event out of it. But what about having a fundraiser where you show the series finales of a dozen or so popular television shows? Choose a diverse selection of shows to attract the biggest audience.

    27. Poker Tournament

    Poker is an intense game of skill, and some people take it very seriously. Some poker champs earn millions in tournaments. Although you might not make that much at your poker tournament fundraiser, you can still make something when the stakes get high.

    28. Swear Jar

    Does someone in your family or one of your coworkers have a bit of a potty mouth problem? Charge them $1 for every bad word they say. They will either clean up their language, or go broke from the cost.

    29. Dress Down Day

    A lot of offices might have ‘casual Fridays' when the staff gets to wear jeans and shirts to work. It also makes for a solid fundraising idea. Charge people $5 to dress casual on any day of the week at your office.

    30. Benefit Show

    Maybe you know a band or an acting group? Ask them if they'd be willing to put on a show with all the proceeds going towards your fundraising cause. This is another fundraising event where you can sell concessions and apparel.

    31. Henna Tattoos

    Almost everyone has tattoos these days, but they're permanent so now everyone would want to get one. Henna, on the other hand, is temporary, and the elegant and intricate lines painted over the hands looks interesting. Find a henna artist willing to help you out and pay them with a cut of the proceeds.

    32. Street Carnival

    You'll have to apply for a city permit for this one, and there is a lot of paperwork involved, but carnival rides and games are easy enough to rent along with the crew to set them up. Street carnivals are a great summertime fundraising idea.

    33. Balloon Popping

    Inflate a couple hundred balloons and fill them with notes or prizes, then charge people to pop the balloons at $1 a pop, or whatever other price you choose. You can use cheap dollar store prizes, and maybe even have a grand prize hidden somewhere.

    34. Dance Lessons

    If you or someone else on your fundraising team knows how to dance, try offering dance classes to the public. Either one-on-one or group classes can work here. A few popular dance styles to go with are salsa, swing dancing, and meringue.

    35. Racing Day

    Gentlemen start your engines! See if you can rent a racetrack for a day and put on a race. Nascar or F-1? It's up to you.

    36. Car Smash

    Give people a way to take out their aggressions after a stressful day with this fundraising idea. Procure an old car and charge people for the pleasure of smashing it with a sledgehammer.

    37. CFL Bulb Replacement

    CFL bulbs are good for the environment and reduce your electricity bill, so you can do people a service by replacing their old bulbs with these newer, more efficient ones. You'll have to find a source that can sell you the bulbs for cheap to make this worth it.

    38. Christmas Caroling

    This fundraising idea is an oldie, but a goodie. Spread some Christmas cheer by going door to door and regaling people with festive tunes. The spirit of the season is sure to make some people give you a few bucks.

    40. Cooking Class

    Do you know your way around the kitchen? Host a cooking class where you teach them some of your best recipes techniques. Food has a way of bringing people together, so this fundraising idea can't miss.

    41. Cow Pie Bingo

    Here's a new take on bingo. Find a farmer who will allow you to use one of his cows and his field. Draw a large bingo board on the ground and as the cow walks around, people playing the game have to guess which square it will do its business on. If the cow pie lands of their square they get a point.

    42. Pet Grooming

    This is a great fundraising idea for pet lovers. Offer your services around your neighbourhood and beyond as a pet groomer and put all your profits towards your cause.

    43. Dunk Tank

    This fundraiser is fun for everyone, as long as you don't mind falling into a tank of cold water! Charge people $1 per throw to hit the target, and make it interesting by taunting them and putting on various antics. Make it a show and the money will roll in faster than you can say dunk!

    44. Guided Tours

    If you know where all the best spots are in your city, or if you can show people around a specific area and can explain the history behind you could be successful as a tour guide. It's a pretty easy business model, and tips are always a possibility too.

    45. Full Service Gas Station

    It seems the full service gas station went extinct a long time ago, but you can bring it back if you can find a gas station willing to let you do this. Pump gas and wash windshields for everyone who comes and be sure to make it known that you're doing it for a good cause.

    46. Horseback Riding

    How often do you get that chance to ride a horse? Probably not often at all, so see if you can set up a horseback riding course. You'll need to find access to the horses, and you'll need a venue with a simple track that people can ride on. Or, even better, do it out in the countryside where people have space to roam.

    47. Gourd Throwing

    Around Thanksgiving is when all the gourds are harvested, and there are always too many of them. From pumpkins to squash, what are we to do with all these gourds? As a fundraiser, organize a gourd throwing competition where people have to build their own throwing mechanisms like catapults or trebuchets. It'll be good and messy fun.

    48. Guest Speaker Seminar

    See if you can find an educational or motivational speaker willing to volunteer for your cause. Charge a modest admission fee for anyone wishing to attend, and generate a buzz via advertising and social media.

    49. Ghost Walk

    Most places have old ghost stories being told, so why not arrange a ghost walk tour where you introduce people to all the supernatural folklore of your city? Naturally, this fundraiser works best around Halloween.

    50. Head Shaving

    You've probably seen this one before, and that's because it works. Collect sponsors willing to pay you to shave your head. This might be a little harder to commit to if you're a woman, so make sure the minimum pledge is a relatively high number!

    51. Language Classes

    Bilingualism is a tremendously useful skill, but in North America a lot of people only know one language. Help people get started on their second, or perfect what they already know, with some language lessons. French, Spanish, and Mandarin are all popular language choices.

    52. Luau

    Get out your grass skirts and ukuleles because it's time to get Hawaiian! Some people will pay good money to enjoy a taste of tropical culture in a country where it's too cold to go outside for five months out of the year.

    53. Luxury Car Test Ride

    Some people would do almost anything for the chance to drive a Lamborghini or Ferrari, so why not give them the chance? There are many luxury car dealerships that will allow you to rent a car for a day, so take it to a track and charge people top dollar to ride around the course once

    54. Sexy Calendar

    We all know how popular fireman calendars are, so how about making your own sexy calendar as a fundraiser? On the flip side, you could make it something silly instead if sexy doesn't seem appropriate.

    55. Pop-Up Garden

    This is another small business idea. Imagine waking up to find your front lawn covered in pink flamingos! What a surprise it would be. That's exactly what this business would do. Overnight, set up a display of plastic animals or plants to amaze the lucky recipient.

    56. Pancakes

    Who doesn't like pancakes? They're cheap and easy to make, so as a fundraiser you can charge people on per pancake basis. Plus, you can offer toppings like fruits and nuts which they can add for an additional fee.

    57. No Pants Day

    The annual No Pants Subway Ride is becoming a phenomenon, so you can channel that same thing in your fundraising efforts. Look for sponsors willing to pay you to go a whole day with no pants on. Offer to show them photos as proof when you are ready to pantsless.

    58. T-Shirt Sale

    Pretty much everyone wear T-shirts and there are funds to be raised here. Procure a few hundred plain t-shirts in various colours and a silk screen printer. Set up a booth where you can make custom printed t-shirts. Even at just $10 each you can make a killing.

    59. Plinko

    This game fits in well at a festival or carnival. Set up a giant plinko board (the game they had on The Price is Right) and charge people to drop wooden pucks down the board. Offer prizes to people who hit the right slots.

    60. Santa Claus

    It's time to start practising your jolly ho ho ho's because if its Christmas time you can raise some serious funds this way. Set up a Santa's Workshop at a local mall and hire a few helper elves. Every kid wants their picture taken with Santa and the funds will roll in faster than you can say Merry Christmas.

    61. Raking Leaves

    Raking and bagging the leaves in the yard can be a painstaking and time consuming task, but that's exactly why you can make money doing it. Go around your neighbourhood with a rake and a pack of yard waste bags and see who will pay you to clean their yard.

    62. Scramble Golf

    In this style of golf all four players tee off at once and then shoot from the ball that lands closest to the hole. This continues until they get to the green, and then they all put from where the ball closest to the hole is. It's easier and more fun than regular golf, so you should be able to get a lot of people interested in this fundraiser.

    63. Celebrity Bartenders

    Host a bar night with celebrity bartenders and charge top dollar for entry. Hire flair bartenders (the kind that know how to do crazy tricks) and make the event a night to remember. Just add music and dancing and you'll have tons of funds by the end of the night.

    64. Smoothie Bar

    For the more health conscious consumers, you can have a smoothie bar offering a menu of various tropic delights. You'll need to procure various fruits like banana, strawberry, kiwi, and mango, at wholesale price to make this worthwhile.

    65. Ice Cream Vendor

    There's nothing better than an ice cold treat on a sweltering hot day. Acquire large amount of ice cream bars and popsicles on the cheap and sell them at outdoor events and city parks. You might need to apply for a vendor license first to do this legally though.

    66. Revenge on the Boss/Teacher

    Ask your boss or teacher if they would be willing to be subject to a harmless revenge prank for charity. It could just be something fun and simple like a cream pie in the face, but it shouldn't be anything embarrassing or harmful.

    67. Tug-o-War

    Heave! Ho! A tug of war is a great way to bring the community together, and as a fundraiser no matter who wins money will go to charity. This is another great chance to look for sponsors willing to lend some money to the cause.

    68. Junk Car Rally

    A little demolition derby is sure to get your blood pumping, so see if anyone has an old clunker they would be willing to enter into a junk car rally race. Charge the drivers an entry fee, and charge spectators admission. Concessions and memorabilia are some additional revenue streams here.

    69. Bake-to-Order

    This is a different take on the traditional bake sale fundraiser. Present people with a menu of possible items you can bake and take their orders. Maybe you could even offer bulk discounts to attract some big sales.

    70. Dueling Pianos

    Gambling is a sure way to raise some funds and you can arrange to put on your own casino night. Hire some pro card dealers and rent the blackjack tables, slot machines, poker tables, and craps tables. Don't forget; the house always wins.

    71. Wine Tasting

    If you're the athletic type, make an announcement that you'll be making a long and hard journey biking, running, or swimming, and look for sponsors. Many people might be inspired with the difficult task you're taking on and gladly throw money at you.

    72. Casino Night

    Gambling is a sure way to raise some funds and you can arrange to put on your own casino night. Hire some pro card dealers and rent the blackjack tables, slot machines, poker tables, and craps tables. Don't forget; the house always wins.

    73. Sponsored Bike Ride/Run/Swim

    If you're the athletic type, make an announcement that you'll be making a long and hard journey biking, running, or swimming, and look for sponsors. Many people might be inspired with the difficult task you're taking on and gladly throw money at you.

    74. Duck Regata

    You've heard of a sailing regatta, but have you ever heard of a duck regatta? Have people each buy rubber ducks and let them float down the river. May the fastest duck win!

    75. House Sitting

    Do you know anyone who's going on a vacation and needs someone to look after their place while they're gone? Offer your services as a house sitter and charge a fee to put towards your fundraising efforts

    76. Baby Sitting

    Maybe you have a friend or relative with a child and they're having trouble finding someone reliable to take care of them? If you're good with kids this can be an easy fundraising idea to pull off.

    77. Talent Show

    This tried and true fundraising idea can work very well if you get the word out in advance that you're putting on a show for charity. People of all talents are welcome, and you can start a buzz over social media and with ads in your local paper or radio station.

    78. Serenade in the Park

    If you have some musical talent try playing songs for people in the park or in restaurants, always telling them that you're doing this as a fundraiser so any tips are well appreciated. Brighten someone's evening with a beautiful song!

    79. Sell Flowers

    If you can find a florist or greenhouse that can give some roses at a wholesale price, walk around town in the areas where a lot of couples tend to go on dates and see if you can talk the gentlemen into buying flowers for their ladies. It'll make them look good, and it'll raise funds for your cause.

    80. Portrait Booth

    If you have some artistic talent, set up a booth where you draw people's portraits for a fee. This fundraising idea works especially well in the more touristy areas of town.

    81. Poetry Booth

    Revive the underappreciated art of poetry with this fundraising idea! Just like the portrait booth, write a poem on the spot for people willing to pay a fee. Print it out on an elegant sheet of paper so they have something to take home.

    82. Make Your Own Pizza

    Pizza fundraisers are common, but why not allow people the ability to make their own pizza? Set up a table with all the dough, sauce and fixings you need, and have a piping hot pizza oven at the end.

    83. Dance-a-thon

    With this fundraiser you can literally dance the night away. Collect money from sponsors willing to pay you to dance all night long. The more people you get involved in this dance marathon, the more funds you can raise.

    84. Knitted Goods

    If you know how to knit, some people might pay good money to purchase some hand-crafted mittens, sweaters, and scarves. This fundraiser might be most effective in the winter time when people need to stock up on warm clothing.

    85. Homemade Preserves

    A lot of people like to know that the food they're eating is healthy and natural, so you can raise some funds by selling your own homemade preserves. Things like jams and spreads are sure to be hot sellers.

    86. Pet Show

    Put on a pet show for the community. Have them do tricks and stunts to amuse the crowd, or have a beauty competition for pets. A lot of people love cats and dogs, so this can be a lot of fun for everyone involved.

    87. Go Kart Race

    See if you can rent a go kart track for a day and make an event out of it where anyone can enter. Set it up as a tournament, or a long race, and this will be a fun day at the track.

    88. Scratchcards

    Some people get addicted to scratch and win tickets, but you can make your own scratchcards and sell them at a similar price. With your cards the prizes won't be near as lofty though.

    89. Photo Competition

    Ask everyone to bring out their inner shutterbug and put on a photography competition. People must pay a small fee per photo they enter in the contest, and the top three winners get modest prizes.

    90. Sell Candles

    Candles are cheap if you buy them wholesale, but they are also pretty easy to make from scratch. Either way, this is another product that you could make a small business out of to raise some quick funds.

    91. Rat Race

    Life in the big city is a rat race, so people will love this as it is an actually race with rats scurrying through a maze. Have each rat wear a number and take bets on who will win.

    92. Junk Removal

    Lots of people have loads of old junk they don't know what to do with, and there is big money in junk removal services. Get a truck and a couple strong people to help out and you can clean up both literally, and figuratively.

    93. Community Mural

    Nothing jazzes up a neighbourhood like street art, and you can do it in your area with a community mural. Get city approval to cover a wall with outdoor art and charge people to add their own creations to it.

    94. Art Exhibit

    If you have connections into the art world, this can be a great fundraising idea. Stage an art exhibit for charity and take a small cut of all artwork sold for your fundraiser.

    95. Abseil Down a Building

    Also known as rappelling is perfect for getting media attention and generating a buzz. Collect sponsors for this one and choose the biggest, tallest, most well known building in your city to abseil down it. It's very important that the setup is done by professionals in order to ensure a secure environment.

    96. Beard Growing Competition

    Beards are trendy these days, so any guy who can grow one can consider doing it as a fundraising idea. Collect sponsors willing to see you or your fundraising partners with a full beard, and then collect sponsors again in a few months to shave it off!

    97. BMX/Skateboard Show

    It's exhilarating watching people do crazy stunts on BMXs ad skateboards, so this is another fun fundraising event to atend. Hire some pro skaters and BMXers and arrange a show in your town.

    98. Egg Drop

    Just like the art exhibit, this is a fun and engaging way to get people out to support your fundraising cause. You'll need some connections into the industry and a good venue to make it happen.

    99. Fashion Show

    Just like the art exhibit, this is a fun and engaging way to get people out to support your fundraising cause. You'll need some connections into the industry and a good venue to make it happen.

    100. Quit a Vice

    If you're a smoker or a drinker, it's time to quit that nasty habit and raise some funds while you're at it. Just look for sponsors willing to see you quit your old habit. The hard thing is the actual quitting part.

    101. Kite Fighting

    We all know about kite flying, but what about kite fighting? It's where people fly their kites and have them "attack" one another by colliding. Charge people to play in the competition.

    102. Murder Mystery

    Host a dinner party with a twist; there's been a murder and they have to solve it through various clues that pop up throughout the night. Charge people entry to this special event.

    103. Obstacle Course

    This fundraiser is fun for people both young and old. Set up an obstacle course and charge people for the pleasure of running through it. This goes well at a carnival or street festival.

    104. Parachuting

    Just like the abseiling idea, this one is great for adrenaline junkies and easily lends itself to media coverage. How many people would pay to see you jump out of a plane? Hopefully a lot!

    105. In Stocks

    If you, or someone on your team, doesn't mind suffering for the cause, put them in stocks and have people pay to throw things like water balloons or banana cream pies at them. This fundraising activity is another good one for carnivals and street festivals.

    Monthly Fundraising Ideas

    No matter the season we've got loads of great fundraising ideas that are sure to be fun and get people engaged in your charitable cause. Sometimes there are national monthly themes, while other times there are holidays that could inspire a particular fundraiser. All four seasons lend themselves to certain types of fundraising events as well, so no matter what month of the year it is there is always something to fit the occasion. With that said, here are three seasonal fundraisers for every month of the year.


    Calendars - It's the start of the New Year, so it's the perfect time to create a calendar and sell them to raise money for your cause. Pick a theme that makes sense for your charity, or you could go with a theme that lots of people would like. Cute animals or beautiful scenery can turn into big sellers. Or if you want to go with a more adult theme, bikini babes or shirtless firemen can work out too.

    Snow Shovelling - In January winter is in full swing and that means a lot of people have to shovel their driveways and walkways, sometimes on a daily basis. An easy fundraiser for this month is to simply go door to door asking to shovel the snow for a modest fee. Be sure to explain that it's for a good cause.

    Hot Drinks - Who doesn't like a cup of hot cocoa, cider, or tea on a chilly winter day? Set up a booth at a park with tobogganing hill, or at a skating rink, and sell the hot refreshments for a $1 each. The materials are cheap, and the drinks practically sell themselves.


    Flowers and Chocolates - Love is in the air this month! Valentine's Day is on everyone's mind in February, so they're going to be thinking of what they can do for that special someone in their lives. Sell flowers or chocolates at local shopping malls, or go door to door. Maybe even throw in a romantic card as an added bonus.

    Singing Telegrams - If you have a good singing voice, or if you know someone else who does, you can offer to do singing telegrams for people. It's an old fashioned thing, but some people find it charming and thoughtful.

    Superbowl Fundrasier - February is also Superbowl time, and that means football fans will go all out throwing parties for the big game. Set up your own event and sell snacks and drinks, or ask a local sports bar if they'll let you use their establishment to throw a Superbowl party.


    St. Paddy's Day Party - There's a little Irish in everyone on St. Patrick's Day, so this is a good opportunity to throw a St. Paddy's themed event. Sell pints of green beer, charge people to kiss the blarney stone, pop green balloons for prizes, and people to leave donations in a pot of gold. Mark March 17 on your calendar!

    National Nutrition Month - March is National Nutrition Month, so it's a good time to have a fundraiser based around healthy foods. You could have a healthy food bake sale, or have an eating competition where the contestants don't eat hotdogs but stuff their faces with salad instead.

    Used Book Drive - March is also National Reading Month, so you can take advantage of that theme by organizing a used book sale. Ask around and see if anyone has any old books they wouldn't mind parting with, and then sell them off for a couple bucks each.


    Spring Cleaning - In April spring has arrived at last, and that means it's time for spring cleaning. Offer your expert cleaning services at a competitive price and you'll have people beating down the door to have you make their place spotless. Go door to door, or launch a social media campaign telling people about your spring cleaning fundraiser.

    CFL Bulbs for Earth Day - April 22 is Earth Day, a time when we are all encouraged to think about our impact on the environment and what we can do to reduce pollution in our own way. An easy thing that we can all do is replace the incandescent light bulbs in our house with low-wattage CFL bulbs. Acquire a large number of the bulbs wholesale, and sell them at a good price. You'll be raising money, and helping people reduce their carbon footprints as well as their electricity bills.

    Easter Egg Hunt - Of course Easter is also in April, and with Easter comes chocolate eggs and bunnies. Plants chocolate eggs around the neighbourhood and charge people a small fee for a document with clues on how to find them. Or, you could have an egg painting competition. All you need are eggs from the grocery store and some water colour paints to make it happen.


    Cinco de Mayo - May 5 is Mexico's well known holiday Cinco de Mayo. On this special day organize a Mexican themed event with piñatas, tacos, tequila, and Mariachi bands. There's something irresistibly fun about Mexican culture so this is one fundraiser that is sure to be a good time for everyone.

    Mothers Day Gifts - Mother's day also happens on the second Sunday of May, so this is another occasion where you can sell cards and gifts for people to give their moms. Check our product listings for things that could be easy to sell on this special day.

    Cut The Grass - Now that spring is here and the flowers are in bloom, it also means the grass is growing and people are bringing their lawnmowers out of the garage. Just like how you could go door to door shoveling driveways, you can go door to door offering to mow people's lawns.


    Father's Day Gifts - Father's Day falls on the second Sunday in June, so just like with Mother's Day you can see this as an opportunity to launch a fundraiser. Check our product listings for things that can make good gifts for dear ‘ol dad!

    Neighbourhood Cleanup - World Environment Day is UN-led event that happens in June. This occasion is all about spreading awareness about what we can do to save the environment, so it can be a good time to do an environmental cleanup as a fundraiser. Look for people who will sponsor you to clean up a local park or neighbourhood.

    Summer BBQ - Nothings says summer like a barbeque on a hot, sunny day! Stage a community BBQ in a park and charge people for drinks, hot dogs, sausages, salads, and whatever you might want to bring to a barbeque. Jazz it up with some music and games like Frisbee or soccer and you'll be sure to get people interested in what you're doing.


    Fireworks Display - Independence Day is always a cause for celebration and lots of people love a good fireworks display, so this is another occasion where you can launch a fundraiser. Hire professionals to set up a fireworks display and charge guests a modest admission fee to see the show. You can also sell snacks and refreshments for additional revenue streams.

    Massages - International Massage Week is in July as well, so if you're good with your hands you can offer people massages for a reasonable price. Help people loosen up and relax, and they'll be glad to donate to your fundraising cause.

    Ice Cream - July is also National Ice Cream Month, and what better time to indulge your sweet tooth than with some frosty treats in the summer sun? Look into finding large quantities of ice cream wholesale and sell them somewhere many people visit on foot. You might have the best results if you go to an area with a lot of tourists.


    Refreshing Smoothies - August is when a lot of delicious berries and fruits are in season, so you can take advantage of the fresh harvest by mixing delicious smoothies for people. Set up a booth somewhere with a lot of foot traffic just like with the ice cream fundraiser in July.

    Artwork Drive - August is also Artist Appreciation Month, and this lends itself to a fundraising idea too. Stage an artwork auction, or hire an artist to draw portraits of people on the spot in a place with a lot of foot traffic.

    Piece of Pie - There are also numerous pie-themed days in August because so many fruits are in season at this time. Look into buying bulk quantities of various pies, or bake your own and sell slices at a booth on the street, or take orders from people and deliver the pies straight to their door.


    Marathons - The month of September usually has a lot of marathons going on, and they are always good opportunities for fundraisers. Look for people to sponsor you to participate in a marathon, or maybe create your own marathon and charge people a registration fee.

    Wilderness Tours - September is National Wilderness Month, so if your city has a lot of natural beauty and wildlife you can arrange a wilderness tour group. Charge people a modest fee for a two or three walk in the woods and educate them on the many types of flora and fauna along the way.

    Back To School Special - Every kid knows that September means it's time to go back to school, and this occasion easily lends itself to raising funds. Order some of our pens and pencils and sell them to students or to parents with kids going back to class.


    Pumpkin Carving - You know its October when every grocery store in town starts stocking massive quantities of pumpkins, and few things say Halloween better than a jack-o-lantern. Pick up some of those fresh pumpkins and charge people to enter into a pumpkin carving contest. When that's over, charge people to smash the pumpkins with a baseball bat!

    Candy Sales - Of course Halloween also means candy, and we've got all kinds of sweets to fit the occasion. These goodies practically sell themselves!

    Breast Cancer Drive - October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, so you can spread awareness about it and raise money if it makes sense for your charitable cause. Launch a donation drive, or simply go door to door asking for donations.


    World Series Party - The baseball season is long and in November it all comes to a climax with the World Series. Just like the Superbowl, this is a great occasion to throw a themed party.

    Raking Leaves - Just like shoveling snow in January, and cutting the grass in May, November is a time when you can go door to door offering to rake and bag all the leaves littering people's lawns. All you need is a rake, a pair of gardening gloves, and the brown paper leaf bags. All that can easily be found at your local hardware store.

    Men's Health Awareness Drive - You've probably seen a lot of guys sporting moustaches for Movemeber to raise awareness for men's health, particularly for prostate cancer. If it goes with your fundraising cause, you can launch a fundraising drive for this monthly theme as well.


    Pictures with Santa Claus - Kids love Santa Claus and some will line up down the block to sit on his knee and tell them what they want to for Christmas. Rent a Santa suit and set up a stage at a mall, or maybe in a local park, and change people a small fee to enter into Santa's workshop and tell jolly old St. Nick what they want this year. You'll need to hire a few elves and spare no expense on decorating the set to make it feel as Chistmasy as possible.

    Caroling - Dust off your holiday hymn books and warm up those vocal cords! It's time to spread some holiday cheer with a little door to door caroling. Once you instill the Christmas spirit in people with your beautiful voice they'll have no choice to but to donate some money to your fundraiser.

    Christmas Decor - What's a Christmas tree without ornaments to hang on it? If you're the crafty type you can make your own decorations and then sell them to the public. Or you can look into buying Christmas decor wholesale and selling them with a markup. Either way, you'll be helping people get a little more festive while generating some income for your fundraising cause.

    Popular Fundraising Products


    Lollipops are so easy to sell that even a small group can make a big profit. Here's an idea to boost your profits: Tie 3 lollipops together with colorful ribbon to make lollipop bouquets. Suggested sale price for lollipops is $0.50 each, but you can sell bouquets for $2 and make an additional $0.50 on every sale!
    More about Lollipops Fundraisers

    Online Fundraiser

    This is a great fundraiser for because it's 100% free and done entirely online. You can personalize your fundraising page, and use the integrated email feature to quickly and easily reach supporters nationwide! Just imagine your group getting support from coast to coast! If each member of your group sent just 12 emails each to invite people to your online magazine store, you would be selling magazines so fast you'd barely be able to keep up with the profits!
    More about Free Online Fundraisers

    Beef Snacks

    Delicious Beef Snacks come in a variety of flavors that everyone loves. They're such a convenient and high protein snack that selling them will be so easy you'll want to sell them again and again! Medium sized groups will have great success selling these fundraiser favorites at sporting events, community picnics, in schools or around town. Easy to handle carry cases turn this on-the-go snack into an on-the-go fundraiser!
    More about Beef Snacks Fundraisers


    Scratchcards are a quick and easy fundraiser that almost any group can be successful with. Donation amounts are small, and your supporters get great, brand name coupon sheets as thank you gifts! Get your cards personalized with your group name and logo!
    More about Scratchcards Fundraisers

    Cookie Dough

    Cookie dough is delicious and easy to sell! Everyone loves the scrumptious flavors, and the convenience of pre-made cookie dough makes it a fun activity for parents to do with kids, and an easy way to bake up fresh, warm cookies when company drops by!
    More about Cookie Dough Fundraisers

    Keep in mind that this is only a general reference. If you're interested in a particular fundraiser that isn't listed, give us a call and we'll find a way to make it work for you, or help you choose a fun and profitable alternative.

    Unique Fundraising Ideas

    Looking for ideas to make your next fundraiser fun, exciting and profitable? Look no further! Here are some great ideas for fundraising to help you get started:

    Ideas for Schools

    • "Pie the Teacher" (or principal, or other authority figure): Kids can pay for a chance to pie an authority figure. You can also turn it into a raffle. The winning ticket-holder gets to pie the principal!
    • Classroom Competition: For school-wide fundraising, create competition between classrooms to boost participation. The classroom that sells or raises the most wins a prize like a pizza party or homework-free week.
    • Friday Snack Shop: As a special Friday treat, and on-going fundraising campaign, organize a snack shop that will be open every Friday during scheduled break times. Students and teachers can take turns running the shop, and you can sell treats like lollipops, candy bars, bags of chips or healthy beef snacks.

    Ideas for Sports Teams and Leagues

    • Registration Day Fundraising: Raise funds in one day by charging a fundraising fee. Team members and/or parents pay the fee on registration day and receive a Scratchcard that they can use to raise back their money, and even some extra to cover additional travel or equipment expenses.
    • Customized Fundraisers: Use your team's name, logo and colors to add an official touch to your campaign by choosing products and programs that can be customized such as - Scratchcards and the Free Online Magazine Fundraiser.
    • Game Day Hotdog Sale: A hotdog sale is a great fundraising idea because hotdogs are a low-cost snack that you know will sell fast. It's also pretty easy to find parent volunteers willing to man the barbecue and sell hotdogs throughout the game.

    Ideas for Churches and Youth Groups

    • Holiday Sales: Set up a sale of baked goods and holiday handicrafts made by members of the community just before the holidays. You can also take orders for frozen cheesecakes or cookie dough at your sale. Frozen foods are so convenient for the holidays, and your customers will really appreciate the opportunity to order these delectable treats.
    • Strawberry Social: You can use strawberries, apples, pumpkins, or any other in-season produce. Sell tickets for your social and have community members bake a variety of treats using your theme fruit. You can even have a bake-off as your main event!
    • Talent Show: What talents are hidden away in your community? Between churches and youth groups, there is probably a wealth of talent with little opportunity for exposure. Take advantage and organize a talent show filled with singing, dancing, acting, comedy and music all from local talent!
    Need even more ideas, or have an idea of your own and want help getting organized? Call us! You can also find more great fundraising ideas in our Resource center.

    How Can Surveys Create Better Fundraisers?

    A well crafted and delivered survey can do a lot to improve your fundraising efforts. If you target the right demographics, and ask the right questions, you can gain some very helpful information that will enable you to take your fundraiser to the next level. Here's a quick rundown of how you can benefit from sending a survey to your supporters, and a few tips on how to make an effective one.

    How Surveys Help

    A good survey takes time to put together, distribute, collect, and then compile all the data, but it will be worth the effort if you do it right. A good survey can help you improve your fundraiser in a specific way. For example, you might want to know how to sell more merchandise to your supporters, or how to attract more volunteers to help you out. You can also learn about how effective your fundraising efforts have been so far, and discover areas of improvement which, until then, maybe you had not considered before. So how can you go about designing an effective survey? There are many things to consider, but here are some quick tips to get you started.

    Effective Fundraising Survey Tips

    • Keep questions clear and concise - Your supporters probably aren't going to want to spend too much time filling out your survey, so that's why it's important to keep your questions short and to the point. Avoid using double negatives, and keep your questions open-ended (meaning, they'll have give an explanation rather than a simple yes or no).

    • Use the Likert-Scale - Not all of your questions have to be open-ended though. You can also have a series of questions on the Likert-scale, which is where people rate their answer on a scale from "very unsatisfied" to "very satisfied". You should also include "not applicable" or "I don't know" as options.

    • Keep it anonymous - People will be more willing to take the time to fill out the survey if they don't have to submit their personal information. You should also be sure to tell them at the start of the survey how long it will take, and wait until the end to ask for demographic info.

    • Test it out - Before you send your survey to anyone, you should test it out and get feedback. You can do this by sending it to a small group of volunteers , or maybe you could give it to your friends and neighbours to see what they think. Just be sure they keep it confidential and don't tell anyone else about the survey.
    These are just a few tips, but if you want to know more check out this post on Charity Village. A Survey could be just thing to launch your fundraiser to the next level.

    Non-Profit Fundraising

    If you're fundraising for a specific non-profit organization, either in your area or for a national cause, we've got some great non-profit fundraising ideas for you!

    Causes take off when you go online!
    Online fundraising tools add a new dimension of reach and accessibility to your non-profit fundraising campaigns. Whether you use them to collect donations, sell popular products, or even hold an online auction, your pool of supporters is no longer limited to your local community.

    Online Magazine Fundraiser!
    This fundraiser is completely free and perfect for non-profit because you can raise awareness - and funds - at the same time. When you register , you'll get a customizable, online magazine store of over 650 popular titles (People, All You, TIME, Cooking Light and more) at up to 85% off the newsstand price.

    Invite supporters nationwide to your fundraising store. If you have an existing website or blog, you can even link it to your fundraising website.
    Your group received 40% of every purchase.
    non profit fundraising

    Be sure to encourage any group members participating in your campaign to use the simple, helpful integrated email feature and to share your store's URL across their social networks like Facebook and Twitter.

    Online Donation Fundraiser - Door-to-door is one way, but when you solicit for donations online you immediately increase your reach nationwide. Our online Donation platform is flexible, fully customizable and absolutely affordable for non-profit organizations of all sizes.

    You get a donations-dedicated website designed with your colors, images & logo, a secure donation page and the ability for your groups/chapters to register for their own donation page. Visitors will access a secure portal where they can search for groups raising funds for your cause and you can easily monitor how various groups are performing and who exactly is participating.

    Integrated Facebook, Twitter and email sharing and a tax deductible receipt issued to your donors are other amazing touches that go along with this unique fundraising idea.

    Online Auctions - Virtually everyone is familiar with eBay and how it works even if they've never personally run an auction with them. Tap into that familiarity and put an online auction to work for your non-profit. It can be organized as either a standalone fundraising initiative or in tandem with another fundraising event. A simple Google search will produce a bevy of online auction solutions, including, and and more.

    Branding is power: Proven, customizable non-profit fundraising products

    Though our scratchcards come in over 30 predesigned themes branding them with your organization's name and logo will make the maximum impact. Scratchcards for non-profit fundraising are a fun way to attract support: supporters scratch one or more dots and donate the amount(s) uncovered. In exchange, you tear off a coupon sheet with coupons for popular national retailers like TCBY, Pizza Hut, AMC Theatres, and more. Their small size makes them ideal for stashing in your purse or coat pocket so that you always have them handy.

    non profit fundraising

    T-shirts are a tried and true way to promote awareness of your cause and attract supporters. Wear your custom t-shirts branded with your logo and the name of your campaign at your fundraising events and offer them up for sale. Supporters are only too happy to ‘wear' your cause when its one worth backing!
    Have some fundraising ideas, tips or tricks that have worked well for you? Help others by posting them on our Facebook page

    Fundraisers for Kids

    fundraising ideas for kids

    Getting kids involved with fundraising is a great way to teach them the value of getting involved with the community and making a difference. When it comes to fundraisers for kids, they need to be straightforward, safe, and fun. If you're stumped for suitable ideas, we've got a few that you could consider.

    Every kid needs pens and pencils for school, so a smelly pencils fundraiser is a great fundraising idea for kids Choose from our selection of Snifty pens, pencils, and rulers and simply have them sell them at school to their classmates.

    You can always take a more traditional approach by considering some of our candies and chocolate bars. Who doesn't have a sweet tooth? Choose from lollipops, chocolate bars pretzel rods and more. These items should be an easy sell for the kids at school.

    Kids will love a colouring wall and it's really simple. All you have to do is choose a theme that a lot of kids will be interested in, or maybe something seasonal, and then find a lot of stencils on that theme. Charge a small fee, maybe just a dollar, to buy one of the stencils and supply them with the things they need to colour them in. Once they're done they can post on the colouring wall for everyone to see. Make sure they sign their names so everyone can recognize their work.

    These are just a couple fundraising ideas for kids that can fit the bill. Whatever you choose to do remember to keep it simple and safe for the young ones involved!

    Ideas for College Fundraising

    fundraising ideas for college

    When it comes to fundraisers for college students, the possibilities are virtually endless. If you're going to do this, you'll first have to organize a committee and assign each member specific tasks suitable to their individual talents and experience. Remember that students are usually busy with their studies, and they probably don't have a lot of money to spend, so you have to make sure your fundraiser is something that they would be interested in.

    An outdoor barbeque is always a popular choice. You'll need to rent the necessary equipment such as a barbeque (of course) and maybe also a tent and some tables to set everything up. Look into buying hot dogs and drinks in bulk because you're likely going to need a lot of them and anything you can do to keep costs down is going to help your fundraising profit margin. Get the word out that you're having a BBQ fundraiser via email, social media and flyers posted on campus well before the day of the event to make sure every knows about it.

    A dance party is another solid college fundraiser. See if you can host a dance in the school gym and look into hiring a DJ, or maybe some local bands, to provide entertainment. Of course you'll also have to provide food and drinks for your guests, and that is another way to generate some revenue on top of ticket sales. Just like with the BBQ idea, get the word out well before the event to ensure that people know about it.

    A lot of college students love to play sports, so a tournament is another great idea. It should also be easy to organize because the school will already have its own sport facilities. You'll have to reserve usage of the facility, and then organize the teams. Charge a modest fee to join the tournament and offer a prize to the winning team. Remind them that it is all for a good cause, and not necessarily about being the best athlete in school.

    Just remember to keep it fun, and focus on things that students are interested in!

    5 Movember Fundraising Ideas

    In the month of November many men grow mustaches for the cause of "Movember." In case you haven't heard of it, it's a men's health awareness campaign that takes places over the entire month of November. Prostate and testicular cancer are the two main health issues that it concerns itself with, and every year millions of dollars are raised for research into curing these deadly diseases.

    Themed occasions like this always lend themselves to fundraising ideas, so what can you do to get on board with Movember with your fundraising efforts? Here are a few Movember fundraisers to get you started off.

    Shave the Date

    Movember is all about growing a mustache to support awareness for men's health issues, and people who want to participate in the month-long event should start from scratch. That means shaving off what hair they already have on their faces, and growing a brand new mustache over the course of the month. Host a Shave the Date party and get everyone pumped up about Movember.

    Make a Video

    Make a promotional video about how your fundraising team is supporting Movember, and ask people to show their support by visiting your fundraising page and sending donations. Be sure to share your video over social media and ask your supporters to share with their networks too. The more who see it, the merrier!

    Sponsor Your Mustache

    If you're growing a mustache for Movember, it presents a great opportunity to find people to sponsor what you're doing. Ask your family, friends, and coworkers to pledge their money in the spirit of Movember, and in exchange you'll abandon the razor until no earlier than the 1st of December. If a lot of people on your fundraising team are going to do this, you can make a friendly contest out of it and offer a prize to the one who earns the most pledges.

    Movember Scratchcards

    This special month presents a great occasion for a scratchcards fundraiser. With these scratchcards, the person scratching them doesn't win anything, but instead the cards tell them how much they‘re going to donate to your fundraiser. Customized cards with a fun Movember design can be an easy way to show support for men's health issues.

    Custom T-Shirts

    Allow people to show their support for Movember with custom T-shirts designed for this special month. Think of T-shirts with a big mustache, and a clever or funny slogan, and you'll give people another easy way to show their support for men's health issues. You can design it yourself or ask our Fundraising consultants for help, and here's our piece: No extra charge!

    Don't forget to stop by our Movember page to get your Movember Fundraising Handbook and other free downloadables to kick-start your fundraiser!