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The Best Fundraisers in Canada
canadian beef jerky image
Slow Cooked and Low-Fat

Low calorie and high in protein, Beef Jerky is an ideal fundraising snack for sports groups
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Fun and Eco-Friendly

Help the planet 1 pencil at a time. Made from 100% recycled newspapers, these super popular pencils come in 10 Gourmet scents. 50% profit
tasty batter cookie dough yummy lix lollipops
All-time Faves

Cookie Dough and lollipops, 2 proven easy-peasy fundraisers. What's better than that? Well, Tasty Batters is a gourmet, low-sodium, no trans-fats cookie dough and our great variety of lollipops will make sure that you find about any flavor or theme you want. Up to 50% profit
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custom tshirts
Customize It

Add your logo on high quality Tees and Scratchcards and get up to 80% profit. Bundle and get free T-shirts! Call us for more details