Jack Link's

As one of America's favorite treats, Beef Jerky makes an excellent fundraising product for any organization in North America.

Beef Jerky meets the food ingredient requirements of most American states for school food programs. It’s also a suitable fundraiser for Sports groups that might prefer Beef Jerky over other food fundraisers.

We proudly offer beef jerky from some of America's most popular brands: Jacks Link's, Trail's Best, and Bull's. All of these companies proudly make their jerky in the United States. We sell traditional strip jerky and jerky snack sticks in a range of flavors, including original, teriyaki, peppered, hot, and beef and cheese.

Although prices vary by product, all of our Beef Jerky fundraisers will earn your organization at least 35 percent profit, with up to 50 percent profit on some products. You can maximize your profits by timing your fundraising drive to coincide with sports seasons, especially the finals or playoffs, when many people snack in front of the TV or at the games.

It's also worth noting that because jerky is dried, it lasts a really long time, so your supporters can buy in bulk without worrying the treats will spoil. Remind your donors of this, and you might be surprised how much they spend!