League Fundraising Ideas

Fundraising for athletic leagues can be challenging. Many leagues have hundreds of members, and big fundraising needs, which can be difficult to coordinate. At, our consultants are experienced in helping large groups like athletic leagues develop fundraising strategies that work.

Here are a few of our best ideas for league fundraising:

cheerleading fundraising idea

Registration Day Fundraiser
With a registration day fundraiser, you can easily fundraise in just one day by implementing a fundraising fee. Your fundraising fee will include the cost of fundraising products, and your total fundraising goal. Include the fee as part of your regular registration fee, and all your fundraising is complete in just a day! Parents and/or league members receive their fundraising product, and are free to fundraise on their own time to earn back their money, and even a little more! One of the best products to use for registration day fundraising is Scratchcards because of their low cost, and incredibly high profit potential. Call your Fundraising Consultant for a detailed guide to registration day league fundraising.

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Online Magazine Fundraiser
With this FREE fundraiser, you promote your online campaign by email to friends, family and colleagues across the US. Imagine if each of your league members sent just 10 emails each. How many hundreds of potential supporters would that bring you? Maybe even thousands! In addition, most leagues already have a website for their organization. If you have one, you can link your online fundraiser to your league website to generate even more support. The best part is that there is absolutely no cost to run this fundraiser, so it’s completely risk free, and you can run it all year long!

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