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Power Products Fundraising


It's proven: Custom fundraisers earn higher profits. Customize cards with your logo, group photo or mascot to start turning heads. Then, throw in some like-designed custom tees for your crew to wear and utterly up your visibility. Order extra, sell them to supporters, and you'll earn even more scratch!


The perfect partner for any program! Free, fully customizable and up and running in just minutes, you'll have a virtual fundraising store working for you around the clock. Plus, there's no brochures or money collection to add to your list of To-Do's...Woot!


How can one little chocolatey treat - named after an insect no less! - pack so much punch? It's simple: People love them, look high and low for them (check out Google), but only WE have them! Make no mistake, these exclusive and delish little mouthfuls are powerful profit earners!

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