10 Fundraising Ideas for Teams

10 Fundraising Ideas for Teams

We have organized a list of 10 cool events you could organize to fundraise for a sports team or similar group that your supporters will love:

1. Texas Hold 'em Tournament - Discuss with your team members, find a house to host the event and do it. You can simply sell tickets for this night, cater some food and drinks, and have fun with your team and their fans.

2. Team Car Wash - Find a car wash that agrees to let your team wash the cars for a day. The car wash could sponsor your club in return, as they will get a lot of visibility.

3. Auction - Ask your team members to donate some personal items, and organize an auction party with the fans. You could also ask the local stores to donate some objects that you can auction later.

4. Garage or yard sale - Make your team members bring some items they do not need or use anymore to create a garage sale. Make sure you set the price with them in advance, and announce the event in all the media possible so all the fans know about it.

5. Sports night out - Find a restaurant that wants to support your club for one night. That means they will donate between 5% and 20% of their income to you. Have a big dinner with the team and your fans. It's good for fundraising but also for fan bonding. A good idea for promotion is to create a flyer and advertise the event.

6. Swap meet - Rent a truck and, on the weekend and similar to the garage sale, load it up with different objects that belong to your team members donate. Proceed to take the truck to the most popular streets in your city.

7. Find a company to sponsor your team - There are many companies that like to donate funds for sports teams. For example, you could find a sponsor willing to help you build your team's website. Alternatively, a company interested to put their logo your team shirt for visibility.

8. Jog-a-ton - It is a fun and cool way to earn some money for the team. Organize a race across your town. Ask your members to sell tickets for the event in advance, and give a prize to the one who wins the race.

9. Bowl-a-ton - It is a perfect way for school fundraising, for High School teams. Sell raffles 1-2 months in advance, and organize a bowling night out. Have prizes prepared for the winners.  You can also sell participants snacks or souvenirs.

10. Cookies and candies - Find a local or an online store that could sponsor your team with cookies, and sell them at the next game. You could also, check out our cookie dough. Bake the cookies with your team and sell them in your next game!

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