3 Church Fundraising Ideas

3 Church Fundraising Ideas

Looking for a little divine inspiration when it comes to raising funds for your church? Here are three enlightening ideas for church fundraising that will get you to your goal.

Donation Jars

We've all seen them in the check-out line: glass jars collecting donations for worthwhile, often locally-based causes. It's a great way to be 'seen' and to benefit from 'impulse' generosity. Simply take a glass jar, create a slot in the lid wide enough for all sizes of change (or bills!), then customize with a photo of your church along with a short but sweet call-to-action: 'Help us raise funds so that we may uplift others.' If you'd rather give first in order to receive, consider placing boxes of chocolate bars at the checkout in place of donation jars. Donors will enjoy their treat while your church collects a $1 or $2 at a time.

Wishing Well Fountains

This idea is a clever way to make your churches fundraising wishes come true! Contact your local malls, restaurants or city parks with a wishing well fountains to see if a week's worth - or even a month's worth - of coins can go to your church. Many wishing wells are set up expressly to benefit local establishments, school or places of worship. Should you be able to make arrangements, approach local radio stations and newspapers to talk about it and before you know it, tons of people will be going and throwing in their pennies to help out your church (and their wishes too).

Online Donation Fundraiser

To aid in the good work that non-profits do, we've recently introduced a brand new online Donation Fundraising platform. It's flexible, fully customizable and absolutely affordable for church fundraising. Add your personalized message(s), photos(s) and chruch information, then share your unique URL with congregation and community members - there's even integrated Facebook, Twitter and Email sharing. Accept donations of any size securely - and we'll take care of issuing the tax deductible receipt to your donors. Call 1.888.875.1245 to see how this platform can be specifically tailored to your church.


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