3 Summer Fundraising Ideas

3 Summer Fundraising Ideas

In the summertime, fundraisers are usually put on the back-burner as schools are not in session and people are busy going on vacations and having fun in the sun. Summer, however, can make your group just as much in needed donations as it would in other months. Here are a few summer fundraising ideas to use to kick-start the season, grabbing some extra dollars for your cause while having fun doing so.

Hold a Barbecue

Who doesn't enjoy a good barbecue in the warmer months? Hamburgers, hot dogs, salads, and lemonade await while fun activities keep both children and adults busy. Consider hosting a fundraising barbecue for your group. Send out each invitation via mail or email to members of your group and have them spread the word to their extended family and friends. Charge a donation to be used in part to get supplies and in part to go to your cause. If you are a non-profit group, you may be able to get some donated paper goods or food products to help your cause from local grocery stores.

Have someone step up to take on the role as master chef and decide if the fundraiser will be held where your group meets or at someone's home. Make sure to have some entertainment on hand, as well as some fun and games for all to take part in. Purchase some fun items such as Smencils or chocolate treats to give as prizes to winners of games. Have a few order taker fundraisers on hand to grab extra sales.

Host a Yard Sale

Let everyone in your group know there will be a large yard sale held in the summer to raise some funds. Everyone loves getting rid of clutter, so what better way than donating it to be sold for profit! Gather all the donations and set them out on tables the day of the sale. Set up a separate booth with pre-purchased fundraiser items to make even more profit for your group. Everyone will be curious about what exciting products you have on hand. After looking through tables of used treasures they will find new cool products on the fundraising booth!

Enjoy a Movie Night

Advertise an outdoor movie night to be held on the property where your group meets. Set a low price for admission. Have guests place blankets on the ground to relax and enjoy a flick with their family or friends. Use a large sheet tied to two trees to be used as your screen. Rent a projector from an office supply store and stream a movie online to the screen for all to watch. Sell bags of popcorn, pretzel rods, chocolate and custom water bottles to people watching the show.

It's that time of the year when people are willing to spend time outdoors and to enjoy some time together, so don't hesitate to enjoy the warm weather while raising some funds for your group!

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