3 Fundraising Ideas to Try This Fall

3 Fundraising Ideas to Try This Fall

Take a fresh approach to fundraising, and you'll maximize your profits. Rather than recycling the same familiar promotions, think about these three unique fundraising ideas to make your campaigns stand out from the crowd this Fall.

Level Playing Field Art Competition

It's easy to come up with a great work of art when using professional acrylics and oils. It's much more challenging when you're working with a small set of gel ink pens or the pages of a magazine. For this fundraiser, budding artists must buy the same art supplies and use the same materials, such as newspaper, to level the playing field. It will take more imagination over natural artistic flair to create a special work of art with such limited materials. You can also turn it into an art show and make some profit out of the entry fee.

Meet Your City Night

Invite local business owners to speak at a Meet Your City night. Attendees can learn more about what to see and do in their local area, and speakers can promote what their businesses do in the community. All attendees can leave with a local discount booklet covered by their entry fee. You can also try our Save Around books which are packed with great coupons that can be redeemed in your own city!

Portrait Session for Holiday Cards

Once Fall arrives, families know the holidays aren't far away. Encourage the families in your organization to pose for portraits and turn them into holiday cards with our To Remember This fundraiser. You don't need to have a professional photographer to take photos your donors will treasure. Families can buy and distribute the cards to loved ones before the holidays arrive. 

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