3 words: Spooky, Fun and Delicious

3 words: Spooky, Fun and Delicious

Fall is here at last, and with the changing seasons comes that time of year that some kids dread while others look forward to: it's back to school time! And yes, time to raise funds. Here are some ideas to run a fundraiser that will catch the attention of your group and supporters alike!

As long as students still use paper to take notes and write tests they'll need pencils to write with. That's why Smencils can be such an effective fundraising idea during the back to school season. They're just like regular pencils, but they come infused with a variety of different fruity scents. In fact, writing with one of these might make you hungry because with scents like bubblegum, blueberry pie, and cotton candy in your writing hand, you might have to remind yourself that they aren't edible!

Show Your Fandom for Dory and Marvel

Now, here's the interesting part. You can get them in the most popular Disney-Pixar movie themes like Frozen, Inside Out, and the super popular Finding Dory. Want some more action? What about some superheroes? Represent your favorite Marvel Avengers or Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles with Smencils five packs, each pencil coming in a different scent.

Running a school fundraiser with Smencils is straightforward, and the enticing scents combined with the chance to show your fandom for your favorite superhero or Disney movie makes the pencils an easy sell.

Spooky and delicious

Halloween is around the corner; raise some additional funds with Spooky Smencils . You'll see how these scary pals can help you raise the funds that you need.

You can buy them online or call 1-800-443-5353 if you need help from one of our Fundraising Experts.

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