Create your Fundraising Flyers

Create your Fundraising Flyers

Creating a fundraising flyer requires a good sense of design and a strong marketing instinct. Next time you want to advertise one of your school fundraisers or church fundraisers, create an expert-level flyer. Here are a few fundraising ideas for your next flyer.


One of the best ways to catch someone's eye is by using an image. Choose a photo or graphic that suits your fundraiser and is easily recognized.

Bold, Readable Text

Don't choose a fancy, hard to read font. Stick with something simple and bold to catch an onlooker's eye. You don't always have to use bright colors, either. Sometimes solid black block letters are the best way to make a person see your headline.


The details included in your flyer should be succinct. Answer any questions a person who sees the flyer might have in a simple bullet point. What is the fundraiser for? Who is holding the fundraiser? Why should someone donate? How can someone donate? Remember that fundraising is a kind of marketing campaign. You only have a short time and so many words to grab someone's attention.

A Takeaway

Just looking at a fundraising flyer isn't enough to get most people interested. They need something to take with them. Include tear-away tabs at the bottom of the flyer with contact information. This way people have a reminder to donate and they will know how to contact you.

Once you've created a successful flyer, you can hand it out to people or post it in busy areas with a lot of foot traffic. Some eateries and other shops have bulletin boards that you can use, or you can just go the traditional telephone pole route. You can even post your flyer online and try fundraising on social media.

Our Free Fundraising Guide is full of creative suggestions for your next fundraiser.


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