4 Cycling Fundraiser Ideas

4 Cycling Fundraiser Ideas

Over recent years cycling has become increasingly popular in North America as more people get on two wheels for exercise, or for their daily commutes, and cities strive to keep up with demand by constructing the bike lanes needed to make cycling a viable transit alternative. If you have a few cycling enthusiasts on your fundraising team, or if you're a cycling nut yourself, we've got some cycling fundraising ideas for you to consider.

Do your research about Cross Country Ride Fundraisers

If you poke around online you can find several cross country bike ride fundraisers. There are several cycling fundraising initiatives that support different causes such as prostate or pediatric cancer research, or support for injured veterans and their families. These fundraisers vary in distance and fundraising goals but they share the ability to unite the community to work for a cause in a fun and healthy way.

Set Up a Sponsored Ride

f those cross country rides are too much for you, look into setting up a sponsored ride in your local community. Find people to sponsor your participants. Set up a course that goes through some of your city's prime cycling spots and downtown areas. A marathon ride, or a bike race, can also work. You can also sell drinks and snacks, for some additional ideas look at our products' list.

Offer a Bike Repair Workshop

Everyone who rides a bike knows that inevitably something will break. Repair shops can be pricey, so it's always cheaper to do it yourself. Many people would if they could, all they need is someone to show them how. Offer a bike maintenance and repair workshop with a pro bike mechanic, and ask people to pay what they can for your fundraising cause. It's advisable to set a minimum contribution as well.

Hold a Cycling Road Safety Course

It's no secret that there can be a lot of tension between cyclists and drivers, and road safety is everyone's concern. Many people who take up cycling might not be savvy to the intricacies of safe riding on city streets, so there's a big need for cyclist road safety education. Host a course where people can learn the essentials in a couple of hours. Things like how to properly signal turns, how to ride safely in traffic, and why you should walk (not ride) your bike on the sidewalk are a few topics you could cover. Ask for a pay-what-you-can donation, with a set minimum contribution.

Cycling is more popular than ever, so everyone can have fun and learn something at a cycling fundraiser. Get on two wheels and start peddling for your cause!

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