Why to fundraise with cookie dough

Why to fundraise with cookie dough

1. Your key 'ingredients' are free
The majority of fundraising companies  ours included will provide dozens if not hundreds of color brochures for you to distribute to your fundraising team for free, meaning you can kickoff a cookie dough fundraiser with exactly zero dollars! And, for whatever reason, if you decide not to run your fundraiser, simply do the 'green' thing and send the brochures back.

2. Exceptional choice
Popular cookie dough brands like Neighbours, offer an wide pallet of flavors and formats (think tubs or pre-portioned) to accommodate the needs of parents, supporters, groups, teams and students.

3. You won't bite off more than you can chew
Cookie dough fundraising is deliciously low-risk since you don't have to shell out for your brochures.  There is no up-front deposit required and supporters pay for their order as they place it, so the mon You're only invoiced for what you order, when you order.

4. Free Shipping!
Sure frozen cookie dough is weighty, but if you're concerned about shipping costs, don't be! On minimum orders  as low as 20 cases  shipping is free. Even if you're a little short of the minimum order, you'll be charged just a few dollars per case.

3. Earn up to 55% profit
The only thing higher than the demand for tasty cookie dough is the profit percentage! When you factor in low-priced bulk ordering and free shipping, your revenue potential gets a jump start right from the beginning.

To get the full scoop on a frozen cookie dough campaign, visit us over at or request our free Fundraising Guide.

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