5 Fabulous Fundraising Ideas

5 Fabulous Fundraising Ideas

As a member of a scouting program, a sports team, a school, or a church group, you know that fundraising comes into play at some point as a useful tool in making money for the organization. Here are some fun ideas that your group can try to make your fundraising program a success!

Hold a Bingo Night

This is a great way for your fundraising items to be sold but also to be used as prizes. People can buy Bingo tickets and win nice prizes like Smanimals. Also, you can setup a booth and sell candy bars, custom water bottles and tumblers to make some extra profit.

Have Fundraising before Class

Have students set up a table in the front of the school with smaller items for sale. If this is advertised in advance over the PA system and by flyer, the students will be aware to bring in money for the fundraiser in advance.

Secret Admirer Fundraiser

Hold a fundraiser around Christmas or Valentine's Day where students can purchase an item and attach a tag with a note to be delivered to another student in their homeroom class. This is a great fundraiser to sell Smencils or other small school related items. The student can sign with their name as a gift to a friend, or they could send it as a secret admirer to another student. Make sure that students that do not get a secret admirer will get a special one from the teacher in the classroom, so allot for a few extra items to be purchased for this purpose.

Sponsoring Fundraiser

Holding a fundraiser where someone sponsors another child to do something, will raise money quickly. Have a fundraiser where someone sponsors each pin that the child can knock down during a game of bowling. Have one where someone sponsors each lap that a child can run around the track at school. Have prizes available for the top sponsors of each round.

Top-Seller Contest

Hold a contest where the top seller of each classroom will get a prize. You could also have prizes for the classroom with the most monetary sales or for the student that had the most buyers. With the amount that can be made with this kind of contest, your profits can easily pay for a pizza party for the classroom that sold the most. You could give out individual prizes for the top seller from each classroom.

If you are looking for more ideas on how to hold a successful fundraiser, check out our webpage at or give us a call at 1.800.443.5353. We will be more than happy to help you with any of your fundraising needs.

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