5 Spirited For Cheer Squads

5 Spirited For Cheer Squads

Stand up and cheer for these five spirited fundraisers for cheer squads!

Scratchcards 20 cards per booklet and each card earns $100! That's 90% profit!
Customize your fundraiser and see immediate results. Scratchcard booklets are printed with a photo of your cheer squad on the cover, so supporters know exactly who they're supporting. Perfectly purse-sized, Scratchcards go wherever you do for convenient, casual fundraising. Simply have supporters scratch one or more dots and donate the amount(s) uncovered. Each card earns $100!

T-shirts Fundraising can be stylish! Look great while earning up to 65% profit.
A great-looking t-shirt is one of the best ways to capture attention for your squad and both guys and girls love them. Choose a 1, 2, or 3 color design on your favorite colored tee and get as creative as you dare! Our tees are priced low so room for mark-up is high. You'll jump up and cheer at how quickly the profits pile up.

Lollipops Fundraising starts with 'fun' for a reason! have fun and earn 50% profit.
Lollipops truly put some fun into your fundraising: their vibrant colors, cute shapes and tempting flavors get everyone 'puckering up' in anticipation. And believe it or not, there really is something for every taste: Go sporty with football shaped Lolliballs, flirty with Yummy Lips, gourmet with Creme de la Creme or wild with Hotpops and Color Xploders.

Chocolate Pretty much everybody finds it hard to resist. Earn up to 45% profit.
You know it yourself: chocolate is hard to resist, and at just $1 each, they're hands down one of our easiest sells. Display recognized brands like Butterfinger, 100 Grand, Baby Ruth at games and pep rallies and watch profits pile up. It's a no-brainer: give 'em what they want!

Online Tap into the power of your existing social networks and earn 40% profit.
We're willing to bet you already use Facebook to spread word of games and post pics of your squad, so why not include a fundraising link there too? Take advantage of the amazing reach of social media and post a link to a personalized, online fundraising store. Friends, family and your entire student body click the link and shop for their favorite magazines at up to 85% off, while your squad collects 40% profit of each sale. And just think of how easily you can share this link via Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr and good old email.

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