6 Fundraising Events for High School Parent-Teacher Associations (PTAs)

6 Fundraising Events for High School Parent-Teacher Associations (PTAs)

The significance of Parent-Teacher Associations (PTAs) in enriching students’ educational experience cannot be emphasized enough.

Besides their involvement in academic matters, PTAs perform a vital role in fundraising – bridging the gap between what schools need and what they can pay for.

This guide looks at fundraising events specifically for High School PTAs. We’ll explore novel, enjoyable, and effective ways to raise funds and build community spirit and engagement.

Whether you’re an experienced PTA member or new to school fundraising, this guide offers valuable insights and ideas to make your next event a triumph!

A Charity Gala or Auction

A Charity Gala or Auction is a formal event that combines a social gathering with fundraising. It typically involves an evening of entertainment, dining, and the chance to bid on various items or experiences.

The auction can be silent, where attendees write down their bids or live with an auctioneer.

How to Organise?

Organizing a gala or auction involves several key steps:

  • Venue selection: Choosing an appropriate location that matches the theme and capacity of your event.

  • Item procurement: Getting hold of auction items – these could be anything from donated goods and services to unique experiences. Reach out to local businesses, community members, and even online platforms for donations.

  • Event planning: Plan everything down to the last detail – catering options, entertainment choices, gifts, and decorations. Don’t forget you’ll need some kind of system for managing the auction (if it’s a silent one), such as bid sheets (that people can list their bids on), or better still, someone experienced in running auctions if it’s a live one.

  • Promotion: Get people along by marketing your event through social media channels, contacting local media outlets (who might give you some free coverage!), sending direct mailing invitations, etc.

How to Fundraise?

Fundraising at a gala or auction is primarily via sales made from auction items available on the night(s). Setting minimum bids/using professional auctioneers can help maximize revenue.

You could make more money by selling tickets for attending your fundraising events, holding raffles during them, offering sponsorship packages to local businesses, and so forth.

Fun Run or Walkathon

A Fun Run or Walkathon is a community-led event that involves running or walking over a specific distance. It is an event that focuses on health and can be enjoyed by people of all ages.

How to Organize?

To get started on organizing a fun run or walkathon, you need to:

  • Plan your route: Choose a safe and manageable route and make sure you have any permissions you need if the route covers public roads.

  • Set up registration: Establish how participants will register – this could be online, via physical forms, or some other method.

  • Logistics & safety planning: Plan for water stations, first aid points along the route (if required), arrange for security, portable toilets if necessary, signage, etc.

  • Tell everyone! Publicize your event at schools through local community centers, churches, and media outlets such as print press, radio adverts/news stories/promotions, and social media channels.

How to Fundraise?

There are two main ways in which fun runs raise funds. They rely heavily on participant registration charges and support from sponsors.

You should encourage participants to collect pledges from friends, family, and local businesses per mile/kilometer covered during their race/walk rather than flat amounts of sponsorship money raised.

You might also consider selling merchandise like caps/t-shirts for profit plus asking local firms to sponsor you in return for promotion, etc.

Talent Show or Arts Festival

A Talent Show or Arts Festival is an event that enables students and community members to exhibit their abilities and imaginative works, including exhibitions such as singing, dancing, acting, or art.

This type of event can raise funds for a school or community group while simultaneously supporting the arts and celebrating creativity and spirit within the local area.

How to Organize?

A talent show or arts festival should take several key steps in organizing it:

  • Auditions & selection: Organisers must hold auditions if they want participants’ performances to be part of the program/evening.

  • Venue & setup: Select a suitable place like a school auditorium, hall, or community space. Organizers will have to consider sound system, lighting, sweets & drinks, and availability of seating as well.

  • Promotion: Advertise through school networks, social media, and local community boards so people know about it.

  • Logistics: Plan out when things will happen on the scheduled day/nights. Deal with what happens between these times (e.g., intermissions) plus who does what during the actual event (volunteers?).

How to Fundraise?

There are several ways a project like this could generate money:

  • Ticket sales: Charge an admission fee for entry into the evening/show. Consider having different buying levels for basic tickets vs premium seats closer to the stage.

  • Concessions: Set up concession stands selling snacks, drinks, or artwork associated with the festival.

  • Additional activities: Run additional activities alongside main performances and exhibits. They may include raffles, silent auctions, and donation booths.

Themed Dinner Nights

Themed Dinner Nights are events that offer attendees a meal and entertainment in an environment devoted to a specific theme, such as a Cultural Night or a 1920s-themed party.

They create a vibrant experience that many people enjoy – which is why they’re so often used for fundraising.

How to Organize?

These are the key tasks:

  • Choose your theme: It should be interesting and engaging. Examples of themes that work well include specific cultural celebrations, historical periods, or even popular movie themes.

  • Secure your venue: Make sure it’s big enough to accommodate everyone at your event - and then make it look the part with themed decorations.

  • Plan your menu: Ensure everything you serve aligns with the evening’s theme. You might also want to consider working with local caterers or restaurants who could provide discounted rates for larger numbers.

  • Put together some entertainment: The more themed elements you have at your event, the better. Think along the lines of live music and dance performances or interactive activities, etc.

How to Fundraise?

And how can these evenings raise funds? Consider these strategies:

  • Ticket sales Price them in such a way as to cover costs while still raising money (you’ll need to estimate how much money those attending will spend on food and drink).

  • Raffles or auctions: Sell items donated by local businesses or those attending previous meetings.

  • Sponsorship: Sponsorships from local companies who’d like front-page promotional coverage at each dinner night (i.e., their company logo appearing alongside yours on all ticketing/promotional materials).

Car Wash and Community Fair

The Car Wash and Community Fair is a unique event that combines the usefulness of a car wash with the fun and enjoyment of a community fair.

This event offers more than just a service – it also provides an enjoyable atmosphere, complete with plenty of activities and booths.

Car Wash and Community Fair can appeal to people from all walks of life because it serves both practicalities as well as entertainment purposes.

How to Organize?

The following steps will help you organize this type of event:

  • Location planning: Choose an accessible location with enough space for cars to queue up for the wash, as well as room for fair activities.

  • Car wash setup: Arrange car wash supplies ahead of time, get volunteers together who will be able to dry off cars quickly, and put an efficient vehicle-handling system in place.

  • Fair organization: Decide which types of stalls or activities you want at your fair (for example, food vendors, games, crafts); obtain necessary permits if needed.

  • Community involvement: Get local businesses involved – either by participating directly in the event or by sponsoring it. Use community channels such as social media and posters to spread the word about the upcoming event.

How to Fundraise?

Here are several ways you could raise money at this type of fundraiser:

  • Car wash sales: Charge folks a set fee per each car wash they receive; offer some premium services for extra cost (such as waxing).

  • Vendor fees and sales percentages: Charge vendor’s fees in order to set up shop at your fair. Perhaps ask them if they’d consider donating a portion of their sales from the day’s events.

  • Games and contests entry fee: For games/contests, people must pay a small fee in order to enter; consider having small prizes available so there’s more interest overall.

  • Sponsorship & donations: Ask local businesses if they’ll sponsor anything related to your cause (such as T-shirts worn during the day); have donation spots set up throughout the venue.

Bake Sale and Craft Fair

Combining the sale of homemade baked goods with a display and sale of crafts, a Bake Sale and Craft Fair attract foodies and craft aficionados alike. The event makes for an effective fundraiser, too.

How to Organize?

To put on a bake sale-cum-craft fair:

  • Participant recruitment: Call on community members, parents, and students to donate baked goods – as well as crafts – so there are lots of different items available.

  • Venue and layout: Choose somewhere suitable – such as a school gym or community hall – where you can set up different stalls or tables.

  • Promotion: Use school newsletters, social media networks, and community boards to advertise the event. Mention the variety of goods that will be on offer to encourage more people to come along.

  • Logistics: Arrange tables, signage, and pricing information before the day. Consider having one central checkout point so everything is easy for buyers.

How to fundraise?

Make money from:

  • Sales of goods: By selling cakey things or handmade stuff.

  • Booth fees: You could ask each crafter who sets up at your event for a small fee. It all adds up!

  • Additional activities: Have extra fundraising activities like raffles or small contests (with entry fees) during your main event.

  • Donations box and extras stall or spot: You could even have a booth just for donations if attendees would like to contribute further.

Bottom Line

Are you interested in finding a way to support our schools while strengthening community bonds? High School PTAs often find fundraising events offer just such an opportunity.

From sports tournaments to arts festivals, these events cater to diverse interests and talents – making their fundraising not just productive but also enjoyable.

Embracing them could expand the scope of what we can do for our school resources and student experiences.

Let’s use the power of community and creativity to generate results that really make a difference in our schools.

Remember: every ticket sold, every workshop attended, and every item auctioned contributes towards improving future outcomes for our students.

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