6 Tips for Hosting a Successful Fundraising Event for Daycares

6 Tips for Hosting a Successful Fundraising Event for Daycares

With fundraising events, success means not only getting the money you need but also building a community of parents and supporters. You might wonder how to host an event that achieves both these things – and rightly so. It can be challenging!

But fear not: we’ve broken it down into six steps for you. Each one brings you closer to hosting a fundraising event for your childcare center that’s enjoyable, worthwhile – and, yes, raises funds.

With your next event, dare to do things differently. You’ll find it’s an investment people are glad they made - one that yields returns long after the dollars are counted.

1. Set Clear Fundraising Goals

A key aspect of planning a successful fundraiser for your daycare is to set specific goals for the event. Having clear objectives will help guide you throughout the planning process and keep you motivated.

Start by determining how much money you need to raise and what it will be used for – whether that’s new equipment, facility improvements, scholarships, or something else. Break down this overall financial target into smaller milestones that are achievable and that you can use to track progress along the way.

For instance, if your goal is to raise $10,000 total, consider setting interim targets such as securing $2,500 in sponsorships by a certain date or selling 50% of all event tickets during the first month they’re available.

By establishing measurable benchmarks like these, you’ll be better able to stay focused (by knowing where best to allocate resources) as well as gauge how well you’re actually doing at any given point – both factors which can help provide motivation.

2. Engage Parents and Supporters

Your daycare fundraising event will be more successful if you involve parents, staff, and community supporters in the planning and promotion. When these important groups feel a sense of ownership and community involvement, they are more likely to help out and encourage others to do so as well.

One way to do this is by setting up a fundraising committee with at least one person from each group. They can meet to brainstorm ideas, figure out who should take on tasks, and make sure everyone feels like they have a stake in how things turn out.

Parents might spread the word about the event through their own social networks or ask their employers to donate something, for example. Staff members could use their professional skills to assist with planning or think about logistics that non-employees might not realize need attention.

Members of the wider community might not have kids at your daycare but still wish to support its work. They could either contribute money themselves (such as by “sponsoring” something at the event) or know somebody else who would be willing and able to provide goods/services.

3. Create a Compelling Theme

Selecting a captivating theme for your fundraiser is like creating the perfect ambiance for an unforgettable party—one that deeply resonates with your guests. To do this, begin by reflecting on what your daycare center stands for.

If it’s all about exploring nature, consider going with something like “Wilderness Adventure”—and then incorporating outdoor elements into everything from activities to décor.

One idea: you could have a station where people can make their own crafts using materials found in woods and meadows or even hold a scavenger hunt (bonus: it gets kids moving).

Or maybe imagination and creativity are big at your center? In that case, why not choose “Circus Extravaganza”? Along with circus games and performances, guests might be treated to their very own high-flying trapeze show (or at least a really good juggler).

Whatever you decide, though, remember: It has to look cool—it’s still a party! Still, there should also be some connection between the theme itself and why everyone’s there (your cause!).

With thoughtful planning around this central idea or concept, you can create an experience that feels unified from start to finish while helping people understand exactly what makes your daycare special.

4. Offer Unique Experiences or Auction Items

Providing one-of-a-kind experiences or auction items at your daycare fundraising event can make a big difference in how much fun people have – and how much money you raise. When something is unique or exclusive, it creates buzz and excitement. Guests will often bid higher on these items, meaning more money goes toward your cause.

To pull this off, ask local businesses or community members if they’d be willing to donate goods or services. Maybe someone will offer up their vacation home for a weekend, and you can auction it off.

Perhaps a professional chef could provide a private cooking class that’s also up for bid. Or try having an artist create a special piece just for your event. That could go home with someone, too.

Think about experiences as well. Lots of times, these types of things can generate more interest (and money) than physical stuff alone. Examples include behind-the-scenes tours, VIP tickets to concerts or games that are otherwise sold out, and spa treatments no one else can buy but might love to win.

Having options like these available may mean not only more ticket-buyers overall but also potentially exceeding what you’d hoped financially. Plus, those who do get them will remember the experience itself long after it’s over!

5. Promote Through Multiple Channels

Making sure people know about your daycare fundraising event is key to getting lots of people there – and lots of support.

Using social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter can help create a buzz as well as reaching a wider audience. Share exciting content such as behind-the-scenes glimpses, event details and testimonials from past supporters.

Email newsletters are also good for keeping existing supporters in the loop. Eye-catching flyers that can be put up on community noticeboards or handed out locally will help draw attention, too.

Don’t forget old-fashioned word-of-mouth either: ask parents, staff members, and supporters to tell everyone they know about it! By using these different ways to promote your event – known as leveraging them – you should hopefully have more people coming along to show their backing for your childcare center.

For example, consider creating a Facebook event page to share frequent updates and send reminders about your fundraiser. Design attention-grabbing flyers that include QR codes linking to your online donation page - making it easy for people to access, use, or share them.

Build anticipation with a weekly email newsletter, and offer subscribers exclusive sneak peeks at auction items or reveal special guests ahead of time.

Encourage parents, teachers, and supporters to spread the word through their own social media channels as well as any community groups they belong to –– this can help you reach new donors organically.

6. Show Appreciation

Expressing gratitude is essential for the success of a daycare fundraising event. When you thank donors, sponsors, volunteers, and attendees for their contributions, not only do you show them that their help was appreciated – but you also cultivate stronger relationships and foster a sense of community support.

To do this effectively, think about sending personalized thank-you notes that touch on how their generosity made an impact or publicly acknowledging supporters during your event via speeches or displays (think digital shout-outs).

Tokens of appreciation are always nice, too, like certificates along with gift baskets or public thank-yous via social media.

When you genuinely appreciate and recognize those who have helped out, it leaves behind a positive impression – one that can lead to continued support and involvement with your cause down the line!

Bottom Line

If you want your childcare fundraiser to work, it must be about more than just the money. You would also want to build relationships and create a sense of community.

Just remember the following six tips: set clear goals, get stakeholders involved, come up with an exciting theme, offer unique experiences, make sure to promote your event through multiple channels, and last but not least, show appreciation.

In such a way, you can make sure it influences and sticks in people's minds even long after it is over.

Just remember: careful planning, good communication, and real thank-yous to all involved are the keys to success. Good luck with your daycare fundraising— we're pulling for you!

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