7 Fundraising Ideas for Church Mission Trips and Outreach Initiatives

7 Fundraising Ideas for Church Mission Trips and Outreach Initiatives

Do you want to help your church make a real difference with its mission trips and community projects – both close to home and further afield? If so, fundraising is essential. It enables these good works to go ahead, meaning members of your congregation can show love and provide practical assistance to people in need.

This article explores seven fun and innovative ways to raise money for such activities. Whether you need cash for an overseas expedition or want to pay for outreach closer to home, there are ideas here that will bring the church community together while also boosting its coffers!

Community Cook-Off

A community cook-off is a great idea for church mission trips and outreach projects. Invite local restaurants and church members to take part by showcasing their best dishes for people to taste and vote on.

To attract more people – and get more votes! – create a carnival atmosphere with music, decorations, and maybe even some games. To let as many folks as possible know about it (and hopefully build some buzz) use social media along with church bulletins and good old-fashioned word of mouth.

To raise money at this event, charge people an entrance fee that lets them sample all the food they want while also giving them voting rights.

You can boost your fundraising further by selling tickets for raffle prizes you have on offer (see below) or asking local businesses to sponsor you in exchange for publicity.

Throughout your event make sure there are places where people can go to make donations or buy things like extra raffle tickets –– ticket booths or tables clearly marked for this work well.

Sponsorship Challenges

Sponsorship challenges are a great way for church members to get involved with fundraising for mission trips and outreach projects on a personal level. Encourage people to take on challenges such as fasting, walking, or even being silent while getting their friends and family to sponsor them.

As well as raising money (which is always good!), this also helps create a sense of community engagement and involvement.

To set up a sponsorship challenge, make clear guidelines and promote it in your church – via social media as well as announcements. You can collect funds through donation jars placed prominently around the building or by encouraging online donations (or both!).

If you want to go the extra mile, you could customize these jars with branding from your church or add messaging that shows why this work is so important: inspiring generosity in those taking part!

This new way of fundraising doesn't just bring in vital financial support. It helps strengthen bonds within your church, too.

Craft Fair and Auction

A great way to raise money for your church mission trips and outreach initiatives is to hold a craft fair and auction. To organize this event, ask talented members of your congregation if they would be willing to display and sell their homemade crafts or artwork.

You can also reach out to local artists or businesses who might be willing to donate high-value items for the auction part of your event. Advertising through social media, posters on community noticeboards, and mentions in church services will help ensure that lots of people come along! The more attendees you have, the more money you are likely to raise overall.

On the day itself, consider having specific tables or stalls where people can make payments for things they buy or put bids on auction items.

To make sure you don't miss out on any contributions towards your fundraising goal, it's worth offering various ways for individuals to pay – such as cash (of course!), credit/debit card machines, or even newer methods like Apple Pay or Google Wallet which allow supporters to give via their mobile phone.

Candle Fundraising

If you're looking for an easy way to raise money for your church's outreach programs or mission trips – one that also brings peace and lovely aromas into people's homes – consider selling candles!

One option is Journey of Faith Candle Fundraiser, where supporters buy candles with messages that inspire them along with great scents.

To hold a candle fundraiser, hand out brochures showing what's available to potential buyers. Collect their orders and send them in. Candles are then shipped to you for distribution.

What's nice about the Journey of Faith Candle Fundraiser is that there's no upfront cost: just ask folks to sell as many as they can, which won't be hard once word gets around how awesome these are!

Because it smells so good—sales tend to be quick—and does good, too: financial goals are often surpassed. And who doesn't love a Juicy Peach (Encourage) candle burning bright nearby? It just might lift someone's spirits.

Scratchcard Fundraising

Scratchcard fundraising is a new and exciting way to raise money for your church's mission trips and outreach programs. These custom-made scratchcards, which can feature your church logo or an inspiring image, allow people in the community to get involved by scratching off dots on the card to reveal different donation amounts.

To set up this fundraiser, design, and order scratchcards that have your church branding on them. Give these cards out to members of your congregation. We then want them to approach their friends and family members for donations.

As a thank-you gift for donating, supporters will have the chance to uncover special discounts – these will come in the form of coupon sheets that are provided by well-known national retailers.

Once someone has decided how much they would like to donate, all they need do is scratch off that amount from the card and hand it over – it really couldn't be simpler! This method doesn't just raise funds. It also helps foster a sense of unity within your church community.

Interactive Dinner Theater

Interactive dinner theater brings together the thrill of live performance with the enjoyment of a delicious meal, making it an entertaining and effective fundraising idea for church mission trips and outreach programs.

To host an interactive dinner theater event, choose a play or musical that reflects your church's values and enlist volunteers from your congregation to star in the show. Pick a date for your event, then promote it throughout your community to encourage attendance.

For this fundraiser, you'll sell tickets to the dinner theater show. The price per ticket should cover the cost of food and contribute toward your overall goal for the mission trip or outreach effort.

Consider other ways to raise funds at your event, too. Perhaps hold a raffle or silent auction. After all, there's nothing wrong with having fun while raising money for something important!


Planning a Prayer-a-thon for your church mission trip fundraiser is a unique and spiritually rewarding way to rally support. Start by scheduling an event where members commit to praying—for instance, nonstop—while sponsors who pledge money based on the length or intensity of their prayers are sought.

By sharing prayer intentions, participants can connect with benefactors on a deeper level through faith. To get started, create sign-up sheets and promotional materials advertising your event; social media is great for spreading the word wider still.

Collecting funds? Consider online platforms besides old-school donation envelopes. Also, keep supporters posted on how things are going regularly. You'll want to inspire them not only to join in but to keep at it!

Combining the power of prayer with communal devotion might just help hit those fundraising goals—for missions as well as other outreach efforts—out of the park.

Bottom Line

As you plan your church's outreach and fundraising efforts – whether it's a mission trip or something closer to home – you want the result to be more than just a big cheque.

You also want the project itself to bring your congregation together in faith and service. When ideas like this work well, they don't just do good things for others; they make us feel good, too.

The point is not only that each individual fundraiser has value in its own right (though, of course, it does). It is also part of something bigger, which will only succeed if lots of people do lots of different things.

With prayer, hard work, and team spirit, there is so much more loving and hopeful stuff we can all help with – even beyond what happens on the day.

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