Signifiers of a great support letter

Signifiers of a great support letter

There's a delicate balance to be struck when crafting a letter of support. You want to sum up the details of your fundraiser in a succinct and digestible way Have I told them enough? and you want to convey your need Am I being too pushy? while sounding focused and assured.

Here are our 7 signifiers of an organized and persuasively written letter of support, be it a request for volunteers, for participation, or for donations.

1. The first paragraph is a brief,  warm and informative introduction of yourself and the work that your group does.

2. Your purpose for writing is made clear off the top. It is an open and confident call to action.

3. The middle paragraph(s) concisely tell your story, detail your past achievements (because support made these achievements possible after all), your future goals, and how support is integral to your continued good work.

5. The closing paragraph is direct and instructional, explaining exactly what you want the letter's recipient to do now, and exactly how they can do it.

6. Full contact details are provided, including your group's website URL, social profiles, email address and telephone number. 7. This letter is carefully edited. The sentences are short and easy to read, flow well, and all grammar and spelling is spot on.

What have we left out? What's worked well for you? Share your tips in the comments below.'

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