8 Fundraising Ideas Through High School Alumni Networks

8 Fundraising Ideas Through High School Alumni Networks

High schools are always looking for ways to make money for different projects. But there's one thing they might not have thought of: getting in touch with people who used to go to the school.

These ex-students (known as alumni) can be really useful when it comes to fundraising. As well as giving money, they can help today's pupils feel like they're part of something bigger – a network or community.

This article will look at eight fun ways high schools can use their alumni to raise funds. From online parties to selling things via the internet and social media, there are lots of ideas out there.

If you want to find out more, keep reading: it's time to take your school's money-making potential up a gear!

Alumni Mentorship Program

The Alumni Mentorship Program presents an exciting fundraising opportunity for schools. This program benefits schools by bringing in money and enhancing students' educational experiences.

To get started, school staff can contact former pupils and ask them to be mentors. Pupils who want a mentor will then be matched with someone whose job they are interested in or who can help them achieve their academic goals.

Mentors could give advice, talk about what their industry is like now, and help students make useful contacts that might come in handy later on. If their work leads to a donation, the school could use this money to pay for scholarships or run special programs – meaning everybody wins!

Online platforms or designated donation channels can be used to collect funds for the mentorship program. This collaborative approach helps build community and support among alumni while also enabling current students to realize their dreams with valuable mentorships.

Virtual Class Reunions

Virtual class reunions provide a fresh and entertaining way for former students to unite – no matter where they are in the world. To set one up, make a website just for your event or use digital platforms like Zoom and Google Meet. Tell people about it via Facebook, Twitter, and old-school networks.

At the get-together itself (which will take place on the internet), consider playing games together, having a quiz from back in the day, or even just a good old chat about some of the things you used to do with your mates.

And if you're trying to raise money, don't be shy. Explain why and give examples of what a difference cash could make - whether that's supporting today's pupils or paying for a new sports kit!

In order to efficiently raise funds during your digital class reunion, create a secure online payment gateway or donation platform. PayPal, Venmo, and dedicated fundraising software are all good options.

They make it easy for former students to donate money safely over the internet – and you can keep tabs on how much has been given towards your goal!

Alumni Giving Day

Alumni Giving Day is an effective fundraiser that unites alumni in support of a shared goal with collective influence. To start your own, choose a date. Use social media, email campaigns, and alumni newsletters to promote it.

Set up a dedicated donation page so people can donate quickly online – and try to get former students or those from certain areas involved by making friendly competition part of the day!

If you want to raise funds efficiently, think about using secure online payment systems like PayPal or credit card processing services. Keep people excited and engaged by giving them regular progress updates throughout the day about how much money has been raised so far towards your target.

Here's an example to show what we mean: Harvard University has its alumni donate to student scholarships and academic programs on one specific day every year during their annual Giving Day event.

Alumni Talent Show

Turn your fundraising event into an online extravaganza by hosting an Alumni Talent Show! This virtual stage will feature a variety of alumni from different fields: for example, a software developer who also performs magic tricks, or a marketing manager with a voice that could star on Broadway.

You might even see paintings of breathtaking landscapes accompanied by stories only their teacher could tell.

Participants will appear on our digital stage live from their own homes to share hidden talents. Viewers can watch together in real-time (wherever they are) to feel part of something bigger—as well as getting a bit sentimental about bygone days!

Establish a basic Internet-based ticket sales platform. Redirect all takings straight into your school's fundraising endeavors. This will do more than just boost your coffers.

It'll foster a sense of community among old students who can't make it in person but want to watch their former classmates strut their stuff from the sofa. After all, why should talent have boundaries?

Legacy Brick Campaign

Would you like to contribute to your school's future? If so, The Legacy Brick Campaign may be of interest. This unique initiative enables alumni to buy a brick and have it engraved with their name. These bricks are then used to line pathways on campus.

The result? A lasting reminder of the important role each individual has played in shaping our community – something that will be appreciated by generations to come.

Establish a digital service that enables graduates to select and purchase bricks from an array, customize them with a message or name online, and complete the transaction. In addition to generating income, this project ensures that former pupils' contributions are literally set in stone across the institution's estate.

A routine cross-campus stroll thus becomes a trip down memory lane – and a chance to engage with some of the school's most cherished traditions across generations.

Auction Fundraiser

An Auction Fundraiser offers an exciting opportunity to get the community involved while also raising money. Start by collecting a range of items. For example, you could ask former students who have become artists to donate paintings, see if local hotels will give weekend breaks, or request meals for two at top restaurants.

Once you have gathered these goods create an online platform that allows people to bid from wherever they are in the globe, such as previous pupils now living overseas.

Use sites like Facebook and Twitter, plus school web pages and e-newsletters to let as many individuals know about it! The more that take part, the merrier – and there'll be some great bargains available, too.

When bids begin to arrive, bidders become engrossed in the amiable competition. This drives the prices higher, which in turn increases the amount of money you raise.

Make sure that your auction platform makes it simple for people to pay and donate. The easier this process is, the more money you will raise for your school - and the more cash you'll have going towards your projects. Every bid takes you one step closer to reaching your target, so maximize those funds!

Alumni Sports Tournament

Hosting an Alumni Sports Tournament is an excellent method to boost school spirit and make money at the same time. Pick a sport that is popular among your former students – football, basketball or even golf for example – then arrange a competition which allows them to show off their skills.

By charging each team or individual to take part, you will raise funds directly through entrance fees. Use social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter, plus email contacts and any other networks available (such as university alumni groups) to publicize the event widely. This can also help build anticipation ahead of the big day!

At the tournament, in addition to exciting games, you can vend souvenirs and snacks to fans – another way to raise money. It's not just a chance to relive old times and enjoy some healthy competition. It also helps bring in funds for your school.

Every sale (whether it's a drink, t-shirt, or burger) takes you one step nearer to reaching your target amount raised overall!

Alumni Merchandise Sales

When alumni buy merchandise, they feel happy about their old university days. And these things help raise money for the university's future. For example, comfy hoodies with the college's symbol, cool water bottles with its logo, or smart pens that remind them of sitting in lectures writing notes.

Create an internet shop for graduates to buy school items whenever they want. Make each purchase double as a donation towards fundraising aims –– and publicize this fact widely! Send out targeted e-blasts, talk it up on social media, and mention it in the alumni newsletter. Get people excited, so they'll buy more stuff.

The end result? Folks who feel good about helping out (check) and score sweet swag they can wear around town (also check), turning them into de facto ambassadors for their alma mater wherever they go.

Bottom Line

Using connections with former high school students can help their school raise money - and make both groups feel good. Schools might, for instance, ask alums to mentor current students, hold online class get-togethers, or sell branded gear.

All these ideas bring in cash. They also build loyalty. People who have left ('alumni') feel close to a place that does such great stuff – so they are more likely to donate in future.

Whether activities take place on the internet or in the 'real world,' teaming up has big potential. The donations collected could pay for scholarships, new buildings or other projects which help young people learn better — both now and way into the future!

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