A Clear Way to Double Profits

A Clear Way to Double Profits

Car Wash Fundraisers depend on patrons lining up to have their vehicle cleaned, but is there another way you can supercharge your profits even more? Of course there is, and the opportunity will be 'perfectly clear' to you in a moment.

Every great fundraiser depends on key success factors. The first is, how many patrons you can attract. That's sometimes a bit hard to forecast with a Car Wash, so you keep your fingers crossed hoping prospects will create a line extending over the horizon!A second avenue to fundraising success is how much contribution you can generate from each individual patron. The more the better, since the supporter is already contributing. So you have more control over this opportunity, because you can influence it by what else you offer them on the spot.

Although waxing or wheel cleaning for an extra charge is one strategy, offering a way to keep the supporter's vehicle interior clean for a long time after the car is washed could be quite powerful. Now you're onto something.

You already know each patron likes the idea of keeping his or her vehicle clean. But while the next rainfall can affect the exterior, the interior is different. It represents the environment the driver steps into and lives in each day.

One product that will keep your patrons' interior clean for a long time, while fattening up your organization's bank account, is ExactMats . It's one of the newest and most profitable fundraising ideas, because ExactMats can be added to each vehicle, creating a completely new income stream and with this product you don't handle any inventory. Just take the order on site, and the product is delivered directly to the buyer in a few days.

ExactMats are clear, overlay mats that perfectly protect your carpeted mats. In fact, ExactMats are the exact size and shape of each vehicle's factory carpeted mats, by make, model and year. A perfect fit, literally and figuratively, to your Car Wash fundraising efforts.

ExactMats are made of 100% clear virgin vinyl - the clearest there is. And unlike heavy, clunky rubber mats, they are super strong, while lighter in weight and nearly invisible, so they allow the intended design of the floor to show through. This amazing fundraiser is a powerful solution to keeping floors clean and a great way to add profit on each car you wash. Simply display a set at your event, and take orders from patrons.

Once your supporters see what ExactMats look like and how they work, they'll want to have a set of their own and you'll earn about $20 -$44 in profit per order. No small change . . . except in your fundraising results that is!

To learn more about how to turn this product into big profit click here or dial 1.888.395.6004 to chat with a fundraising consultant and learn how easy it is to add this income enhancer to your event. The potential is clear.

If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.

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