Ideas for Healthy School Fundraising

Ideas for Healthy School Fundraising

Many schools in the United States search online to find products to fundraise. It helps them save some money, and also supplement some extra school activities. Usually, within a school, groups hold between five and ten fundraising events per year. The students, their parents, and of course, the staff are all involved in these events.

Unfortunately, many of the products used to fundraise are not as healthy as they are supposed to. The high rates of obesity in children because of their poor diet can't be ignored. That is why many school fundraising events are now trying to avoid unhealthy products, even if they come at a discounted price. It is highly recommended to buy low or no sugar products, which do not harm students eating habits and to use them for fundraising.

For example, instead of buying sweets, chips, chocolate, and such things, a school could use fruits and vegetables for fundraising. In the beginning, the students won't be as happy, but with the time passing, they will get used to it. Also, giving them fruits instead of sweets or chips will help them develop healthy habits.

According to the latest statistics, many school fundraisers are selling unhealthy foods, like candies, chocolate, high fat bakery and so forth. This is not ideal and that is why we have prepared a simple guide that will help you find alternative solutions for healthy school fundraising.Fundraisers that are not considered a 'Healthy Choice'

  • Pizza, candies, cookies, and doughnuts are very popular but not healthy.
  • All the precooked food that can be reheated in the microwave.
  • Poor nutritional quality products, like instant soups and high sugar sodas or juices.
  • Fast-food restaurants, even if they seem to be happy to sponsor your events. Suitable fundraisers when you are looking for a 'Healthy Choice'.
  • Bottles of water, especially during summer. If you want flavor but you want to avoid sodas use fresh fruit or veggie juices.
  • Fruits and veggies. You could eat the fruits fresh, or organize a cooking session with vegetarian food.
  • Plants, flowers, and even spices.
  • Greeting cards, holiday ornaments, and decorations.
  • Personal care products, first-aid kits, and clothing.
  • Magazines, Scratchcards, Candles and Many more

Again, don't forget to go only for low sugar or no sugar products!

Good fundraising ideas for a school include organizing cool and fun events, like car washes, sport events, golf tournaments, fun runs, raffles, parties and so forth. If you manage to keep people active, it is already good.  You will earn money while keeping students healthy!

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