May Fundraising Themes!

May Fundraising Themes!

5 Fundraisers for Special Themed Days in May

We have covered fundraising ideas for special days in other months of the year, so we'd like to share fundraising ideas for a few special days in May as well. As it marks the beginning of the summer, people love to go outside and do fun activities. Here are five special days that can turn into great fundraising ideas.

May 7 - Lemonade Day

With the weather warming up, it's a great time to enjoy liquid refreshment like a lemonade. The purpose of this day is to teach children about how to start a business, so this is an especially good time for a fundraiser if you work with kids. Open up a lemonade stand and sell the drinks to your family, friends, and neighbors.

May 8 - Donate a Days Wages to Charity Day

The title of this special day makes it obvious as to why it works as a fundraiser. It falls on the second Wednesday in May and it gives everyone a little incentive to partake in some charitable giving. A day's wages can be a handsome sum of money, so a handful of donations can go a long way. Therefore, make sure you have fundraising going on that day.

May 15 - Chocolate Chip Day

On May 15 we celebrate chocolate chips, something everyone likes. For a fundraiser on this special day, order some of our cookie dough packs and sell them to your family and friends. Cookie dough is an easy sell at any time of year, but this day makes cookies fundraiser easier to sell especially for those who need special occasions to break their diets.

May 20 - Learn to Swim Day

It's the time of year when people jump headfirst into lakes, rivers, and oceans to take a swim. On Learn to Swim Day, offer swimming lessons or throw a pool party for a fundraiser. Another thing you can do is rent a public pool and host a swimming event for charity.

May 28 - Hamburger Day

The hamburger is the quintessential American meal. It has all four food groups in one delicious package, and when it comes with a side of fries it can satisfy even the hungriest appetites. For a National Hamburger Day fundraiser, set up a hamburger lunch where people can enjoy a hamburger, fries, and a soda. Have a table where people can add the toppings of their choice, and don't forget to offer vegetarian options as well.

May is a great time to throw a fundraiser outdoors and enjoy the sun. If none of these days catch your interest, there are other special days this month that can easily turn into effective fundraiser ideas.

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