A letter from our hockey nuts

A letter from our hockey nuts

Hockey fever is intensifying in North America  and in our office here at as the strongest teams face off against each other in this year's championship. In one thrilling battle after the next, these players continue to dig deep in order to skate faster, play stronger, and reach higher. Though the slate is clean upon entering the playoffs, nothing can be taken for granted. Even after a hard-earned win, the next victory is never promised, but only achieved with further amounts of literal blood, sweat and tears.

Like every other year before this one, the playoffs have been filled with heart-stopping surprises that keep us on the edge of our seats. While some of us manage to weather our favorite team's wins and losses in commendable stride, others feel as spent, broken and bruised as the players themselves when our team fails to advance to the next level. Make no mistake: Hockey is a test of both physical and emotional endurance,and as we've seen over the past couple of weeks, is not a sport for the faint of heart.

We've had the privilege of working with a number of spirited junior hockey teams and skate clubs looking to travel to out of town games, upgrade their equipment and celebrate big wins. Custom sports apparel and scratchcards, brand name chocolate campaigns and online fundraisers are just some of the programs we offer to help make it all happen.

While we know that few things are ever guaranteed in hockey, we do know for sure that we can help make any team's fundraising goals be realized. Our dedicated Fundraising Consultants, Online Support and Customer Care Teams are always here to help  and only too happy to talk (and maybe vent a little) about hockey right about now!

Good luck to all the teams on the ice this year.

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