Church Fundraising Ideas!

Church Fundraising Ideas!

Faith and Fundraising

Church fundraising is a year-round activity. While churches are vitally important in keeping the faithful together, they are subject to the same financial pressures as every other group. So, here are a couple of fundraising ideas. The first is conceived to take advantage of the harvest season and the second plans to warm us up from the inside out throughout the coming winter.

Charity Cookbook

As autumn approaches, many people in your congregation will be preparing to transform the harvest into their favorite preserves. Some members will be experts at conserving peaches; others have been guarding recipes for delectable applesauce or crab apple jelly; still, others have variations on chili sauce that have so far remained a family secret.

Perhaps, local chefs could be persuaded to share their expertise with the congregation in return for the satisfaction of helping a good cause and some well-deserved recognition. So, let's get busy while there is time to bring this idea to fruition.

Create a committee whose members ask people to contribute their favorite canning recipe: jams, jellies, compotes, and chili sauce. Make sure to include a committee member who is proficient with a graphics software, and another who is a talented writer. The writer can name and compile the recipes while the graphic artist plays with the background images and layout. The book can be as professional or amateur as you choose, depending on your budget. Finally, each copy will be sold at a price that allows you to raise the money you need for whatever project you have in mind.

Cookie Dough

Let's face it: creating a recipe book takes a lot of energy. Indeed, it's fun if you're up for it and it builds community by bringing your congregation together in sharing their expertise. At the same time, it's a risk. What if the recipes are unwanted? What if the book is unattractive? What if it doesn't sell? Happily, there is a proven method to raise funds and tickle taste buds. Cookie dough!

Cookie dough has become a popular fundraiser because it's simple and it works. can support your cookie dough fundraiser. We begin by sending send you a collection of brochures full of colorful pictures of our various cookies. The pictures are enough to get your mouth watering. The brochures offer descriptions of the cookies as well as nutritional content. All of the offered tasty flavors are trans-fat free. Your volunteers show the brochures to their family, friends, and neighbors who order the dough that most appeals to them. Usually, they pay when they make their order, but you can organize that they pay at the end of the fundraiser, as you choose. You order all the cookie dough and we send it, usually within a couple of weeks. The cookie dough lasts for up to 6 months in the freezer and up to 2 months in the fridge. On the other hand, there is very little chance that the cookie dough will not disappear in a flash!

For all of the practical details go to Or, to discuss the available options, you can call us anytime at 1 800 443 5353. We can help you just as we have helped thousands before you looking to raise funds the fun way.

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