Communicate with clarity

Communicate with clarity

We've all heard the old adage 'less is more' countless times, but so few of us choose to follow this advice when it comes time to fundraise.

Your cause is extremely important to you and you want it to matter just as much to everyone else, but the truth is this: People are busy and have a multitude of things already vying for their immediate attention.

In this day and age where 140-character tweets are king, it's clear that people respond to short, information-rich messaging.

Our advice? Get to the point.

  • Headlines and email subjects should be specific and direct.
  • State your cause and goals early. Long-winded intros lose interest.
  • Edit your communications; think less content with more meaning.
  • Leave out fancy turns of phrase and keep your language simple.
  • People mostly skim and rarely read. Highlight your most significant points.
  • Keep collateral clutter-free. Too many embellishments detract from your copy.
  • Photos engage, but don't over do it. Go with one big one to make an impact.
  • Talk about you, but most importantly, talk to them.
  • State what you want, when you want it by, and exactly what they need to do.

What have we left out? Share what's worked for you by commenting below.

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