Good Smell for a School Fundraiser

Good Smell for a School Fundraiser

If your elementary school is looking for a unique item to sell, Smencils are known to be a big hit with the youngsters while giving your school a quick burst of cash. Smencils practically sell themselves within the elementary school kids because pencils are mandatory to have in class and they are neat, different and smell delicious!

Smencils are 'smelly pencils'. Luckily the smells are delicious food smells that will make you smile when you open the container the pencil is housed in. The scents include Razzleberry, Cherry Vanilla, Juicy Melon, Pom Paya, Juicy Melon, Sorta Soda, Waffle Cone, Pearrrfect, Syrupdipity, Kinda Cola, and Gum-E Bear. There are also Peppermint Smencils available, which might be able to give your children awesome grades during their tests. Teachers sometimes give out peppermint Smencils to their kids before a huge test in an attempt to help their brain-power. Peppermint is known to improve concentration, so having one of these pencils can't hurt!

Not only are Smencils fun and yummy smelling, but they are made from 100% recycled newspaper. This means they are environmentally friendly, and everyone using them will be doing their part in keeping things green. You can actually see the newsprint when you sharpen one of these pencils. That is super-cool!

Fundraising ideas for Smencil selling would include selling the pencils in front of the school before classes start for the day. This usually works best in gaining the most fundraising money for your school. Send home notices to the parents so the kids can come in ready to pick out their favorite flavor. Smencils make excellent goody bag gifts! Maybe a special pencil is needed as a prize when a child gets an exceptionally good grade. Let parents and teachers know the school will be selling them to maximize the amount you can bring into your school. Send home notices and make sure to use the intercom system to let your students know about Smencil fundraising and how to get in on the action!

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