Easy Easter Fundraisers

Easy Easter Fundraisers

Easter is a time for good food and gatherings with family and friends, but it's also be the time to launch you spring fundraiser. We've got the ideas to get you started!

Easter Bunnies

Chocolate eggs and bunnies are always a part of Easter, so if you want to get on board with the chocolate theme and assure some needed funds through quality chocolate, Kathryn Beich's Yummy Bunnies should be your go to

Egg Painting

Here's an easy, low-cost Easter fundraiser you can do at your kid's school or a local church. Buy bulk packages of eggs, some watercolour paints from the dollar store, and stage an egg painting event. Charge $1 per egg and let everyone get creative with colour. You could even have a contest at the end where the most impressively decorated egg earns a prize.

Easter Baskets

Gift baskets are usually a Christmas thing, but who says you can't do them for Easter as well? Create gift baskets and auction them off. Possible themes could be chocolates, fresh fruits, meats and cheeses, coffee and tea, and garden supplies. The baskets could be found at dollar stores, but you may have to get look a little harder to find the goods to fill them with. Maybe you could find a deal on the supplies if you tell the vendor that it's going towards a good cause and you buy in bulk.

How Many Eggs?

Another popular Easter fundraiser which is easy and cheap to put together is the guess-how-many-are-in-the-jar game. Just get a big jar and fill it with candy eggs, but be sure you count how many are there! You'll need to know for when the lucky winner chooses the right number. Allow people to buy guesses for $1 and put the jar in place where everyone can see it. You could also have multiple jars of different sizes and charge more for guesses with the larger jars.


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