8 fun facts about the Easter bunny

8 fun facts about the Easter bunny

He's chocolate, he's adorable and he herald's the end of a long, cold winter, so it's little wonder this sweet bundle of chocolate bunny goodness has secured a permanent place in the hearts of candy lovers to become the quintessential Easter fundraising treat.

1. Conceived of sometime within the 19th century in Germany, the chocolate Easter bunny was born as a treat for kids to mark the coming of Spring.

2. As hard as it is to believe, the chocolate bunny wasn't a bonafide hit until the early 20th century as molds became more readily available to manufacturers. He then began multiplying, well, like a rabbit, popping up in confectionery stores and pharmacies the world over.

3. At some point in the 1930's, the Easter bunny lost his guts, so to speak. One prevailing reason hasn't been pinpointed, but it's speculated that the hollow bunny was devised to be 'easier to bite into' than his solid counterpart.

4. Unsurprisingly however, solid bunnies are the most beloved variety, closely 'tailed' by hollow bunnies, then marshmallow or candy-filled bunnies.

5. The production of Easter bunnies has been on the rise decade after decade with only a brief slowing In the 1940's when people rationed cocoa as part of the war efforts.

6. Americans buy as many as 90 million chocolate bunnies each year, spending an estimated total of over 2 billion dollars.

7. He's nowhere near as esteemed as Santa of course, but the Easter Bunny still rouses 57% of America's kids to spring out of bed early on Easter morning in anticipation of treats.

8. The overwhelming majority 76% of Americans nibble from the ears down! The rest of us are nearly equally divided on starting with the feet or the tail.

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