Embrace the seasons

Embrace the seasons

With Thanksgiving just days away and Christmas hot on its heels, the timing's perfect for this simple but effective quick tip: Embrace the seasons.

For fundraising inspiration, consider the four seasons (Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter, not the 60's-era pop ) and consider what each represent and what people most look forward to about them.

Since we're here in Fall, let's run with that:

A chill in the air Mmmm, comfort food Family Thanksgiving get-togethers Parties with friends YEAAAH, SUPERBOWL! (Is it just us or can you totally smell the freshly-baked cookies now?)

Cookie dough can be a welcome, savvy offering for Fall fundraising because of its practicality at this time of year and c'mon, who doesn't love having fresh baked cookies in the house? Along this same train of thought, nuts, chocolate and other food-related ideas could also be just the ticket.

Enjoy the Fall (and all that turkey), everybody!

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