Enjoy the City and the Savings

Enjoy the City and the Savings

Why clip through all the flyers when you've got all the coupons in one nifty book?

If you have ever had the excitement of watching a sales clerk ring up your order, seeing the price go up, up, up and then whipping out the coupons to see the number go down, down down, then our 'Enjoy The City' fundraiser is going to have you smiling from ear to ear. This is extreme couponing at its finest (not to mention - one of the most popular discount fundraisers out there)

Here's how it works: your group purchases a set number of coupon books in advance. Now don't be discouraged about spending money upfront, as the amount that you sell them for will be double the amount that you pay for them. What makes us so sure you'll see them all? The amount your customers save make this a no-brainer for all involved: the coupon books are specific to the area in which you will be selling. Local businesses have given the A-OK to pack money-saving coupons in this book for you to sell (hence, the 'Enjoy the City' moniker) The types of coupons that are in these books will vary on whether you live in a bustling city or out in a smaller town, but the bottom line will be that everyone who purchases one of these books will enjoy savings at establishments in the area. This is a money-boosting fundraiser for all, including our hard-working friends and neighbors. Buying local helps generate revenue that stays in our area, so why not jump on the bandwagon and keep that cold-hard cash in the pockets of our locals? This fundraiser does just that, while giving the group doing the fundraising a bundle of cash to help grab whatever wares or services that they're saving for. Money for everyone!

Now we at highly discourage door-to-door fundraising, which is why we've come up with a few fundraising i

deas on how to get these babies sold.

  • How about holding a carnival event for your group? You could use the 'Enjoy The City' books as prizes for winning carnival games, such as getting the ring on the bottle or popping the balloon on the back wall. You could have a booth set up that sells the books along with other popular fundraising items for the 'losers.'
  • This is the type of fundraiser that will easily sell around tow, so why not set up shop in a high-traffic spot? Set up camp in front of your local supermarket (with permission, of course) and sell the books to hungry locals going inside. Since there are several restaurant coupons included in these books, a supermarket would be a great start to get them sold since customers may be able to apply some of those coupons to their groceries.

Are you convinced? Of course you are! Just remind all potential customers that the amount saved will far surpass the amount spent - and who doesn't like a bargain like that? Get all the info at or give us a call at 1.800.443.5353 - we love talkin' shop!

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