5 fabulous hallway fundraisers

5 fabulous hallway fundraisers

School fundraising has never been so simple than with this five easy fundraisers that can easily be set up in your school hallways, cafeteria, playground or sporting events.

1. Scratchcard Extravaganza
Customize scratchcard booklets with a photo of your student body or your school mascot and get volunteer students and members of the faculty staked out in your hallways. Passers-by can scratch off one or more dots and donate the amounts uncovered. As thanks, they'll get valuable coupons for popular national retailers.

2. Cookie Dough Sale
Simply put, people of all ages love cookies. Display full color brochures in the halls and have people sign up for their favorite gourmet flavors in convenient resealable tubs. Few will be able to rest!

3. T-Shirt Design Contest
Charge budding artists a nominal fee to enter a T-shirt design contest. Students and faculty can vote for their favorite design to appear on 100% cotton tees that you can sell in the halls, sporting events, etc. The creator of the winning design gets a free t-shirt - and bragging rights!

4. Lollipop Sale
Like taking candy from a baby, lollipop sales are so easy! Have students and faculty roam the halls, cafeteria and playground selling your pops and watch your profits soar!

5. Chocolate Sale
We don't know many people who can say no to chocolate and like lollipops, they're a surefire hit when offered up in the halls, cafeteria or playground. For extra novelty, have your school mascot carry a box or two through the bleachers at school sporting events. Chocolate cravings will definitely strike!

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