Fun Raiser

Fun Raiser

At, we don't hide the fact that collecting funds can be perceived as a chore. Let's face it head-on!

Turn your fund-raiser into a fun-raiser! In other words, what do people get excited about in your neck of the woods? What do they look forward to? Turn that into an event to raise funds.

We have now safely made the transition into summer. No more fear of the polar vortex descending from the Arctic. It's safe to plan our summer fun. And so it's time to think of what activities might leave the campaign planners, and participants, with happy memories.

How about a day at the beach? could help out with a variety of products that could be sold to increase funds. Our website and fundraising guide have much more information to help maximize profits and fun all at the same time.

Maybe a theme would help to get people interested and engaged.

How about a Sand Castle Competition? Teams could be assembled to transform the beach into sculptures built of sand. There would be a job for everybody, from architects (for a day), to engineers (for a day), to laborers (for a day). The event is super inclusive. A place can be made for everybody.

Who doesn't like a day at the beach? Marry that with the fun of creating temporary works of art. Pales could be converted into donation boxes in front of each sculpture. Passersby could show their appreciation by donating to their favorite sculpture. Of course, all the proceeds go to the cause. The winner gets bragging rights. The campaign wins!

Practically, the locations would need to be accessible, but not so intrusive that the fundraiser overtakes the beach. Permission may need to be secured. supplies experts to assist you from the start to the finish of a campaign. They will make sure that you reach your goals and not allow a potential source of profit to go untapped.

The principle is simple. Whatever enthuses people where you live, use it!

What works for you? If you have observations from your own experiences related to this strategy, you can contribute them below. And you can always call us at 1-800-443-5353 (we're super nice!)

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