3 Fundraisers for Softball Teams

3 Fundraisers for Softball Teams

Spring is here at last, and that means soon it'll be softball season once more. If your team is thinking of doing a fundraiser, we can help you out with a few solid softball fundraising ideas and we can provide you with the products to pull it off. Check out these three softball fundraisers.

Team Shirts

What better way to promote your team than by selling jerseys and t-shirts? We have a wide selection of different jerseys to choose from and we can customize them with your team logo. We've got sweaters, tank tops, jerseys, and hoodies so there's something for every season. These high-quality shirts are sure to be easy sellers!


Tumblers are our latest product, and you can order your own tumblers customized with your team's logo. We also have a huge selection of NBA team tumblers, and a lot of other designs too like camouflage and psychedelic prints. They're great travel mugs for your morning coffee, but they also keep your cold drinks cold so they can be used for soft drinks as well. As an added bonus, you can sell the tumblers at team games with a drink already in them.

Sponsored Home Runs

This softball fundraiser will generate some money for your group, and also inspire the players to do their best. Basically, you have the players look for sponsors willing to donate a certain amount of money every time the team hits a home run. You'll need sponsor sheets of course, and the more sponsors your players can get the better. It could be just the thing to give the team that extra edge to play their best when they know that each home run is going towards a good cause.

Softball season is starting soon, so hopefully one of these fundraisers can work for you. If you want to order some tumblers or team shirts contact us today and we'll get you set up.

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