Staff raises over $3200 for charity

Staff raises over $3200 for charity

Our own Johanna Livingston recently ran a marathon in support of the Noah Livingston Nephrology Fund. Her heartfelt training and campaigning resulted in a generous donation to the Montreal Children's Hospital of just over $3,200.

Of her commendable achievement, Johanna says:

'I completed the marathon just shy of my goal time in 4 hours and 32 seconds, which put me 27th out of the 115 women in my age category and 152nd out of all 757 women that ran the race.

It was a really great day, and the most fun I've ever had during a race to date. But most importantly, we will be making a very important donation to the Montreal Children's Hospital.'

Thank you again from the entire Livingston/Boucher family.

Best wishes,

Way to go, Johanna. You've made us proud!

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