3 ways to earn 2K

3 ways to earn 2K

While literally millions of people find themselves having to organize a fundraiser each year, very few of them our rough estimate is like, three actually enjoy fundraising. After all, it's terribly daunting to know exactly where to start, where to find all the help and resources you'll need and how to reach your ultimate goal. It's by no means a science Or is it?

Whether you need to raise substantially more or considerably less, we're willing to bet 2K is going to impact your group positively. Here's 3 quick and simple 'fundraising formulas' (based on a team of 20 fundraising participants) that will quickly net you exactly 2K.


How can they refuse when a photo of your adorable face/team/child is delightfully smiling up at them from the Scratchcard? They can't! Supporters scratch dots and donate the amount(s) uncovered. Each scratchcard earns a whopping $100 which means just 1 card per participant (20 total) earns $2K.


An online fundraiser is as simple to set up as a Facebook profile page so think minutes instead of hours to get this one going). With an average profit per subscription at $12, participants need to sell just 8 each which should be easy-peasy considering you're offering popular reads like Real Simple, Sports Illustrated, People, and All You.


'Beef Jerky?!' you might be asking yourself. 'You bet,' say we. This longtime bestseller is sold for $2 per meaning participants need to sell just one case of beef jerky (48 pieces) each. And here's a tip: Sell them in the lunchroom at work or in the halls of your school and they'll be gone in no time!

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