3 Fundraising Ideas for Easter

3 Fundraising Ideas for Easter

Easter is coming soon, so if you're planning on having a fundraiser during this family holiday we've got a few ideas that should work out. An Easter fundraiser should be fun and easy to put together, and the following ideas fit the bill. It's a time of the year when the spirit of giving runs high, so it's the perfect time to raise money for your cause.

Chocolate Bunnies

Everyone knows that with Easter comes chocolate bunnies, try these delicious Kathryn Beich's Who's Your Bunny chocolate bunnies. Made with 6oz of gourmet chocolate these yummy bunnies are an easy sell.

Easter Lollipops

If the chocolate bunnies didn't pique your interest, maybe some sweet Easter Joy lollipops will. As an Easter fundraiser you can try selling these at schools or community centers. It shouldn't be hard to convince people, they're sweet, they're cute, and they're high profit!

Egg Painting

Easter eggs are the quintessential symbol of this holiday, and it brings us to another solid Easter Fundraiser. Buy some water paints and a lot of eggs from the grocery store and have an egg painting contest. Charge $1 per egg and provide all the materials that people will need to dress them up. Just like the other ideas on this blog, this is a great one for school children.

We hope some of these Easter fundraisers are useful to you. If you need anything, we're always glad to help. Contact us today and one of our fundraising consultants will help you decide which one is the best option for your group.

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